I Really Need Help, I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Husband’s Brother’

I Really Need Help, I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Husband’s Brother’

TRUE LIFE STORY – Not real name, My name is Cynthia, I really need help, I can’t stop sleeping with my brother-in-law who lived in the same with us. I met John my Husband during my NYSC service year, at the family house, and he asked me to marry him and I accepted immediately after eight-months I became his wife, May 3rd, 2014. Our first night as husband and wife was nothing to tell, his manhood was too small, being my husband the first time, he had no experience, then, I knew that I was in big problem, but, he was very caring and good looking too, but I was dying silently. I was never happy with my husband not being able to satisfy me, but, he keeps swallowing me with gifts and money.

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That same year December, My husband younger brother came to visit and stay back to learn my husband business. Since he was not working. One Friday at noon my husband called me to get information from his brother, that he was not taking his calls, And I enter his room without knocking on his door. Immediately, I enter the room I got the shock of my life, I met Israel, my brother-in-law, playing with his manhood, it was 10 times bigger than my husbands’, I could not move or alter a word, and he just smile and continue with what he was doing, as if I was invisible to him.

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That was how it all started, I tried to resist him anytime am alone but, he never misses the opportunity of holding is manhood whenever he saw me alone. And I was burning inside with desires.  I tried to talk it out with my elder sister about it, but, I was still scared to talk. One day, I was about to go out and my husband has gone out already and I needed somebody to assist me with my dress zip, and I went to Israel, but, I don’t know what happens, i wanted to tell him to stop, but, the words were not coming out, because his lips have covered mine. And that was how we made love for all day.

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From that day forward, Israel uses to make love to me occasionally one or twice a week. But, since August last year, he became jealous of his brother and make me drug him on daily basic, just for us to be together. Am so scared my husband will find out soon, And I don’t want to hurt him, because, i still love my husband very much. What should i do now?

I Need Help, I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Husband’s Brother

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Uchenna Aguolu

What happened to your husband?

Jamilu Abdurrahman

This was so sad story

Abdulwasiu mohammed