If she don’t ask you this question, she is not for you

So many singles don’t have any vision for their lives and they want
to get married. To do what? Make love, punch out kids, work and
die? You are seriously joking! You marry to fulfil your vision on
earth, no more, no less!
“It is not good for a man to be alone, I will create him an HELP
MEET” Where is she coming to help? Forget about cooking and
house chores, that’s not what I’m talking about.
After my relationship with hubby was defined, the first thing I
asked him is, what is your vision? If your fiancee never asked you
that question, she is not a serious person! Pastor Taiwo Odukoya
said late Pastor Bimbo asked him same question while courting at
the University of Ibadan.
What is your vision? Where are you heading in life? What in the
name of God do you want to do with your life? What is written in
your destiny? What is your highest dream? What is the purpose of
your existence? Why are you here on earth? What are you born to
do? Find out, start pursuing it. When God sees how serious you are
then he will give you a partner to HELP you because you can’t fulfil
your vision alone!
I have been preaching before I met hubby. I have been organizing
programmes for singles. I have been teaching on relationships. My
calling in life is to preach wisdom for marital success, no more, no
less. Every other thing I do is secondary.
When you know where you are going, you will know the kind of
person to marry. I never prayed to marry a Doctor in my life! I need
a man who has my time with whom I can build a happy marriage
not the one with regular emergencies, morning shift, afternoon
shift, etc. Marrying a doctor is good, it just doesn’t fit my own
What is your vision? You don’t know that? What is your passion?
What are your talents, gifts and potentials? Do you want to end up
an international business icon? A great gospel artiste? A world
class neuro surgeon? An excellent Doctor? A great philanthropist?
A preacher/teacher of the word? A great apostle? A missionary? A
powerful evangelist? A world renowned Actress? An accounting
guru? A successful banker? An investor in oil and gas? A business
tycoon? A computer scientist? A great politician? The future
President of Nigeria? Etc. Whatever it is, start setting goals on how
to achieve them, one step at a time. When God sees you are really
serious about the vision he has given you, he will bring your help
meet your way.
Life is not just about getting married. You are on earth for a
reason, find out and start pursuing it. When God sees you are
faithful, he will give you a wife/husband to help you fulfil your
destiny. Remember, no vision, no future partner.

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