Illiterates will soon start employing graduates in Nigeria

It depends on who you call a graduate. One who ran through the university in a high speed or one who went through and allowed the school go through them?. Why much writing these days, especially on most seemingly controversial themes? Maybe because the days of silent observation birthed moments of thinking, not just much but a lot to     reechoed genuine curiosity. While many are spending half of their youth age studying courses that are not peculiar to Nigerian problem, some others are spending as much as same amount building a lifetime fortune by nurturing and growing business that addresses the immediate need of a Nigerian common man. Am I then encouraging illiteracy?

One must go to school but get facts and life balanced, While Nigeria is littered with so many conventional universities unlike the developed nations which has embraced and encouraged a larger percentage of technology universities, the Nigerian socioeconomic lamentation over the years has proven over and over again that graduates with additional skills (KNOW HOW and not what I read) has more employability ratio; whether self or cooperate.


If the topic of discussion must not come to pass, then our tertiary
institutions must adapt the philosophy of a road side mechanic –
fix the immediate problem so the car can get on the go!!!, A
university where you are been taught on how to solve immediate
problems in the society and not a university that births thousands
of job seekers every other 365days.


The Nigerian educational system seems more like a prison where
the elites put youths to stay in 4 or 5 years while they run the polity
with the promise to give them a job. After this 5 years, when the
youths are out of this prison (School) they find out that there is no
job!!! What then happens? They just succeeded to keep you out of
the street for 5years. And if they did not do that, you would have
constituted nuisance in the society! After the graduation, you then
scream loud for job, they still lock you up in another prison called
NYSC. And if you come out and it happens that you never made
contacts in company’s where you served or built a skill along the
line, then you are on your own. Am I then encouraging us not to go to school? God forbid! An educated man always have a better future compared to an illiterate.


This write up only aims at challenging every youth out there to
channel all they learnt or wish to learn in school to becoming Job
creators and not Job seekers. The Colonial master who brought education to Africa brought along side with it their own curriculum and courses that addressed the problems in their land! When do Nigerian leaders start introducing courses and subjects peculiar to Nigerian problem to Nigerian Schools and stop teaching us solutions to only problems not found here?. Yes we need both, but let’s balance the equation.


Graduates who are self employed come from this school of
thought which I strongly believe in, while the Graduates who will be
employed by illiterates are the ones who only believe that
certificates will give them a life while others are using the money
spent over such certificates to build fortunes for themselves.
Think, see a problem, get a solution, start small and grow while
you also study.

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