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The so called governor has demonstrated that he is the most useless, incompetent and foolish governor Nigeria has ever had through his execution of policies and programs in Imo state. I want to I want to state clearly that is high time for Nigeria to demonstrate their supreme power by voting for a credible and right candidates unlike people like Rochas Okorocha who have limited and no knowledge on how the government operate and how government policies and programs should be implemented and executed.
Rochas Okorocha is a disgrace to humanity, the igbo people and the people of Nigeria at large, such a man should be jailed for life. A man with Muslim ideology, initiative and has demonstrated that in his all round behavior. It is only a corrupt executive officer, A governor that will mingle with other corrupt officials to the extent of molding the statue of their partner in crime, what a foolish governor. The Imo state governor has also shown the level of his illiteracy by creating the ministry of happiness, gave the office to his unqualified sisters so she can partake in the embezzlement of Imo state funds with her brother. WHAT A BUNCH OF FOOL IN HUMAN NATURE. CORRUPT OFFICIALS.
More so the governor has shown and proved that he is the most corrupt governor in Nigeria by taking up projects worth billions of naira in the state, and execute this project with substandard materials. Check the roads in Imo state, never lasted for 2 years, potholes everywhere, WHAT AN EMBEZZLER IN HUMAN NATURE, ROCHAS OKOROCHA A THIEF. My Fulani friend (ROCHAS OKOROCHA) disguise in igbo form please go back to your people and descendant the Fulani people. You have created history as the MOST FOOLISH, CORRUPT, SENSELESS AND USELESS GOVERNOR IN NIGERIAN HISTORY. CONGRATULATION.

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