Important lesson on relationship and marriage

If you are not happy single, you can’t be happy married. If you end
up getting married, you will complain all through and ungrateful.
There is so much to enjoy been single. There is much more to
enjoy married. Whether single or married, have a good time.
Learn to enjoy been single. I had a lot of good time alone before I
got married. Getting married is easy when you are not desperate.
Good men are scarce this days. If you found one, don’t take him
for granted. Possess him if he isn’t married, keep things
Seriously, good men are scarce. The days are evil. If you found
one, pray, dedicate the relationship to God and be serious.
A new phase is not possible without praise. Pride and Ingratitude
destroys relationship.
Study the Four Gospel.
The things you say carelessly in the public is far better you
address it carefully in prayer to God, studying and meditating on
God’s Word.
You should learn to be productive and proactive in ur relationship
and marriage, not negative and destructive. Be an agent of
Small things matter in relationship and marriage. Small thing can
also destroy. I’m easily thankful. I will pay a taxi and still thank
The best teaching you can get on marriage is that you are taught
to be technical and take responsibility.
The technicality of marriage is in taking responsibility. Marriage
seminars and counselling should be directed to taking
Life is lived inside out. You attract who you are… Your thought is
magical. It can create anything. Good or evil.
If you truly want new results in your life, you must be determined
to do things differently. Do the unusual. Renew your mind!
Romans 12:2
You have power to change or attract anything. Whatever you
strongly believe, you automatically receive and become.
Getting married is good but if you’re not prepared, your pursuit
becomes your worse nightmare. It’s responsibility all the way.
Everything you need is in your tongue. You either call it forth or
create it. But first start by giving your heart to Jesus and renewing
your mind.
Life is beautiful but it’s more beautiful with the right people around
you. They may not be perfect but they got to have perfect heart.
Life is a choice, not magic. The choice you make today will
determine where you will see yourself tomorrow or in the future.
Everything in life is patient, prayer and then be proactive with good
ideas that comes in your mind. Then choose your friends wisely.
Life is in phases. You are not in competition with anyone. Many
has lost their lives trying to become. Dine wisely and you will get to
the top.
Marriage is responsibility. It’s not just financial but spiritual where
you pray for your spouse. Then emotional where you must forgive.
Nothing is stable. Human, relationship and marriage are unstable.
The only thing stable is what God is involved and empowers.
Forgiveness isn’t optional. Devil inspire you to think forgiveness
makes you look stupid in the public but broken marriage is worse.
My wife and I are enjoying.

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