With the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation you will never
be 100% because your immune system is weak. Certainly, in the
hardest moments of life, you realize who your real friends are or
people who really appreciate you. Unfortunately, like most
friendships, Facebook friends will leave you in the middle of a
story. They will publish a “like” for the story. They may not really
read your message if they see that it’s long. More than half has
stopped reading. Some may have gone to the next post in your
news summary.I have decided to publish this message to support
the families of friends and relatives who have combated this
terrible disease to the end. Now, I focus on those who take the
time to read this message to the end. A small test, if you want, just
to see who reads and who shares it without reading. If you have
read everything, choose “like” so I can thank you for sharing this
on your profile. Cancer is a very invasive and destructive enemy
for our bodies. Even after the end of treatment, the body remains
broken even in an attempt to repair and restore the damage
caused by the treatment to fight the disease. It is a very long
process.Please, in honor of a relative or a friend who died of
cancer, in remission, continue to fight cancer, or even have cancer,
copy and paste this message as a post on your Facebook. How
often have we heard the others say, “If you need something, do not
hesitate to call
me. I will be there to help you.” So, I bet that most people who
have seen this message (maybe even reading to the end) will
publish it to show your support to the family / friend who knows
the struggle.



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