Independence day speech by Buhari full of empty claims and promises-PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) describes the Independence
Day Anniversary Speech by President Muhammadu Buhari as a
litany of false claims, empty assertions and bogus promises.
The party holds that while the President was fictitiously asserting
that our economy had made progress under him and that there is
enabling environment for local and foreign investments, hard
economic reality shows that not only has the nation become more
economically disadvantaged under him, it now ranks as one of the
world’s poorest.
Perhaps Mr. President needs to be reminded that his new minister
of Finance Zainab Ahmed had last month alerted that the nation
was facing serious revenue challenges under him, while the
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) expressed fears that our country is
sliding further into recession due to his poor implementation of
2018 budget.
In his false economic assertions, President Buhari deliberately
failed to mention that his administration has returned our beloved
country to a debtor nation by accumulating over N22.4 trillion debt
through which he had mortgaged the future of our country.
Mr President also failed to respond to the fact that his harsh
economic policies and demarketing tendencies, has caused a
dearth in local and foreign direct investment, leading to over 30
million job losses as detailed by independent surveys including
those by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
Similarly, Mr. President failed to state that due to his
incompetence, the naira has fallen from the N165/1USD he met in
2015 to N360 to 1USD. He had no words for the increase in the
price of fuel from N87 in 2015 to N145 as well as the hike in the
prices of staple foods and essential commodities in Nigeria under
his misrule.
Furthermore, President Buhari claimed that under his
administration, corruption, including brazen theft of billions of
naira and shady oil deals have become a thing of the past.
Perhaps, Mr. President forgot that the latest corruption perception
index released by Transparency International (TI), which saw our
nation moving 12 places down the red line, shows that corruption
has increased under him.
What the Buhari Presidency should note is that Nigerians are no
longer swayed by the false performance claims of his
administration. They have the facts and nobody can beguile them
as was the case in 2015.

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