Innoson unveil new computer pickup van

Innoson Motors just unveiled its new pick-up van in Nnewi.
This company ordinarily should be the pride of Nigeria!
President Buhari ought to direct all federal government agencies
and ministries to purchase Innoson vehicles for their use and
encourage all state governors to do same.

All the vehicles in Aso Rock should be products of Innoson Motors.
What if Mr President makes Innoson Motors the official
presidential brand and help it grow into a continental venture?
Unfortunately, this is not so.

Last year, the Mayor of Bamako, Mr Harimakan Keitan, all the way
from Mali, led a delegation to the automobile manufacturing plant
in Nnewi, Anambra State, to purchase about 400 vehicles, while we
watch like strangers.

I desire to see Innoson Motors flood Nigerian roads and in deed
the continent of Africa and beyond.
Let’s encourage Dr Innocent Chukwuma. Let’s buy Nigeria. Let’s
grow Nigeria.

If our government is not doing it for whatever reasons best known
to them, let us the private citizens do the little we can.
Hasn’t it been said that little drops of water of water make a
mighty ocean?.

When next you’re buying a car, make it Innoson!
We can grow Innoson into a global brand, make it a national pride
and create jobs for millions of Nigerians.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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  2. Wow. Great job

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