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Interior design: Choice of colours for a dining area

Interior design: Choice of colours for a dining area



The dining room serves as a common space to gather and enjoy meals together. A colourful dining space reflects warmth and intimacy.

Colour choice

The following guidelines can help reflect your personal aesthetics.

Bold colours

Having rich red walls for the dining room is known to stimulate appetite and add to the overall dining experience. Choosing rich red colours for the dining room walls elicits a bold look which can be effectively utilized for good design. However, using bold colours as an aesthetic choice may not be the best idea. The colours of the dining area should complement the look of the entire house; moreover, bolder colours in a dining room work best when muted a little. Simply tone down bold red by blending with yellow.


The resulting shade is suitable for a dining area. Strong colours such as orange and gold may also be an interesting choice for a dining space but tone down the effect by mixing it with warmer hues. also, experiment by adhering to a consistent colour theme for the dining room. Spruce up the dining space by incorporating suitable decorative accessories; dinnerware and florals.

Consoling colours

Using softer colours in a dining room is a viable option for many. Consoling colours such as white and green lend a light and relaxed atmosphere and adds to the serenity of the dining space. For individuals who prefer peace during their meals, settling for white or lighter shades of green is an apt choice. Moreover, there are varying shades of blue and green available and you can choose a specific shade based on their dispositions. Also, there is the possibility of complementing softer shades with relatively bolder ones to lend an unorthodox look to the dining space.

Warm colours

Warmer colours may include certain shades of red, orange and yellow. Using warm colours for the dining room makes the walls appear closer and lends coziness to the room. Warm colours for a dining area may work well for small gatherings at the dining table and make the atmosphere comfortable for dining. Unconventional colour choices include terracotta tones such as earthy brown or brick red. This choice is ideal for individuals who prefer a more personalized look in their dining rooms.


Colours such as pink and violet are known to suppress appetites and should therefore be avoided in a dining area. Opting for extremely bright colours on the walls of a dining space is not a practical choice as it might go against the overall dining experience.



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