International Holocaust Day, What we need to know

On January 27 of every year, the Jews all over the world
commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
It is an international memorial day when they remember the
tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World
War in which 6 million Jews were killed.
It was because of this Jewish practice that the world recognized
the holocaust as a crime against humanity and became sensitive
to anti semitism.
It would be simply wicked not to remember those who made
sacrifices and died for no crimes of their own.
For this reason, the Biafra Remembrance Day which is fixed for
May 30 should be taken with all the seriousness it deserves.
Over 3 million Biafrans were butchered by the Nigerian Federal
forces against the rule of engagement in connivance with foreign
mercenaries during the civil war.
The government of Nigeria would wish to forget this and sweep it
under the carpet as if it never happened.
But it is the duty of those who lost their father, mothers , brothers,
sisters, uncles , aunts, and relations to keep this to remembrance
until the UN recognizes the war as a genocide and punish the
heartless perpetrators.


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