Is high time Yoruba nation stand for truth and fight for injustice

We have reached a crucial period in the turbulent history of Nigeria
when the Yoruba nation must stand up for truth, defend the
oppressed and fight for justice.
The injustice being perpetrated against the people of the Middle-
belt by Fulani herdsmen terrorist to achieve a conspiratorial
demographic re-configuration of the region is no longer far from
the South.
The known plot to subjugate the entire country, is gradually being
carried out through stealth politics and coordinated assaults.
The plot is gradualism of annihilation and brutality: they will bite
and breath air of relief; they will destroy and pacify a little; they kill
and later preach love; they are using stealth politics to restrain and
manipulate the country through gullible and willing leaders in
targeted areas until they are able to achieve the bigger plot.
The Yoruba nation must never cede any part of its land to the
federal government for cattle colony or ranching, because, the
future consequences would be similar, if not worse than what the
people of the Middle-belt are facing.
Is it not strange and curious that the very people undermining our
demand for restructuring and calling it a personal agenda, are the
same very people trying to use the instruments of state to foist the
agenda of cattle colony on us. We cannot demand for restructuring
but they can demand for our lands.
I write from Saint Petersburg in Russia, further motivated, by the
history of this great city and the urgent need to protect and fight to
preserve our heritage, as great men and unique people like Peter
the great and his people did centuries ago securing their lands
from the Swedes.
History will be unkind to us if we allow some political investors in
our midst to trade our lands and the future of the Yoruba nation
with the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari because
of porridge of today and endanger our tomorrow.
It is time for friends of Buhari in the Southwest to tell him that if
the President and his people who are currently in control of power
eventually disallowed restructuring from flying, we will have no
alternative than to demand for secession, and nothing can stop us
from having it.
But in the meantime, let us admit that the justiciable way we can
strategically defend our lands and secure our peace in the
Southwest is by seeking justice for those who are under the threat
of annihilation in different parts of the country, and fight for their
peace and freedom.
A major reason the Buhari government is emboldened to act with
impunity and much insensitivity to people of the country under
distress and pains is because of the support he continues to enjoy
from a section of the Southwest.


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