Is igbo the most blessed nation in the world

The Igbo (or Ibo) ethnic nationality of Nigeria are the most
technologically advanced Black race on planet earth, bar none!
This is a fact. A fact that was proven to be true for 30 months
while they were landlocked in their constantly shrinking enclave
known as Biafra.
Cut off from the rest of the world, the ingenuity of the Igbo came to
the fore during the civil war as they constructed the Uli airstrip and
when that airstrip was bombed, they repaired it in record time and
under the most trying circumstances. They would go on to repair
Uli not once and not twice.
The Igbos refined petrol from a variety of non fossil fuels,
including from but not limited to palm products (from which they
also produced diesel) and manufactured surface to air missiles
which they also adapted to surface to surface missiles (the
They converted commercial planes to fighter jets and weaponized
them. That was no mean feat in 1967.
In fact, when in 2012, the Nigerian Army rolled out the igirigi and
promoted it as the first indigenous armored personnel carrier, they
were wrong. I am not a Biafran. I am proudly Nigerian. And
beyond that, I am a proud dark skinned Black African yet I make
bold to say that the igirigi is not the first indigenous APC.
In fact, the first indigenous armored personnel carrier in Black
Africa is the Red Devil, built by the Igbos during the Nigerian Civil
The Nigerian Civil War ended in January 1970 and the Nigerian
Army unveiled the igirigi in July of 2012. If they had converted the
Red Devil to their own use, they would probably be talking about a
greater feat in the year 2012.
My question is what happened in the intervening 42 years between
1970 and 2012? Why didn’t the Nigerian Army integrate the military
industrial complex of Biafra into its Defence Industry Corporation
of Nigeria, DICON?
Why did we have to reinvent the wheel at great cost in terms of
time and money?
The Nigerian Civil War ended on a note of ‘no victor no
vanquished’. That was a watershed moment inspired by the
Christlike mind of General Yakubu Gowon. That gesture is to be
But why did we as a nation not go the whole hog and take
advantage of Biafra’s technological advances and integrate her
scientists into our Research and Development sector much like the
US did with German and Japanese scientists?
That is where we failed as a nation.
I remember growing up as a child and how other Nigerians scoffed
at ‘Igbo made’ electronic products. There was hardly anything
including electronics, pharmaceuticals, spirits and wines that the
Igbos could not counterfeit.
And rather than our leaders seeing the potential in those products,
we all scoffed at them. Igbo made products were a pariah.
Did it ever occur to any of our leaders that if government had
supported these technological advancement, Nigeria could have
become an industrialized nation today and Igbo made products
would have been exported abroad as made in Nigeria products?
Now is the time to let Igbos develop their God given talents and
skills. And there is no any other place than can achieve this than in
that country they all believed in so much and cherished with all
their hearts which is Biafra Republic.

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