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Is the attraction mutual between poth partners?

It is not enough to know the state of your feelings. It is just as important to know if he feels the same way and at times, it can be confusing. No one wants to be that girl that misinterprets signals. So how do you know for sure if the attraction is mutual?
1. He remembers the tiniest details
Beyond remembering the big deal about you, he knows minor details that you told him a long time ago.
2. He is attentive
When you are talking, his attention is 100% yours. Also, he takes note of when you are wearing new clothes, changed your hairdo or something else.
3. He touches you
Hold on. Before your mind wanders, know that it does not have to be sexual. It could be simply holding your hands, flicking a speck off your dress, etc.
4. He is always close
Even if he isn’t touching you, a man who is attracted to you will like being close and would not mind when you breach his personal space.
5. He makes an effort to impress you
This is not about faking anything but he will take care of his appearance when he knows he will see you. If you go out, he doesn’t take you just anywhere but he seeks things that interest you.
6. Eye contact
This is one of the beauties of falling for someone- that moment when you hold each other’s’ gaze yet it is not awkward.
7. Flirtation
Attraction may show itself as teasing but not just any kind- the suggestive type.
8. He is comfortable around you
You can tell that he is himself. Of course, he may be a bit awkward if he is nervous but after a while, he gets relaxed and even if there is silence, there is no struggle to fill it.

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