Is the igbo nation depriving women political emancipation in Nigeria

Some of the things read here about my beloved Igbo people are
funny, (putting it mildly). It’s funny how people of other Ethnic
Groups could jump and claim that Igbo people are antithetical to
women’s political growth and development.
For the avoidance of doubt, the Igbo nation just like every other
group all over the world have their shortcoming in areas pertaining
to women’s emancipation, but claiming that the Igbo land is the
headquarter of deprivation of women’s right in Nigeria is way too
The antecedent of the Igbos when talking about Political
emancipation of women is one no group in Nigeria has never met
since Nigeria’s independence and may likely not meet because the
Igbo nation won’t remain stagnant when it comes to this issue.
Taking into consideration the number of women in Igbo land who
has risen to their political peak, more especially in Anambra state,
from Acting Governor down to regular Senatorial position, one
would agree with me that no group in Nigeria has gone this far in
emancipating their women politically.
One who knows the Igbo history very well would agree with me that
the Igbos may fail in other aspects of women’s emancipation but
never fail in allowing women have a say politically. The pattern in
which Igbo society is structured, gives every individual a quick
pass to have a say politically. The Umuada group solidifies this my
assertion on Igbo political history.
Coming down to the case of Bianca Ojukwu of whose political
contention brought about this blasphemous statement on my
beloved Igbo people. I remember vividly in 2015 when Mr Integrity
appointed one woman I think her husband is from Kaduna but she
herself is from Kastina. A petition was written to the Senate by
Kaduna people claiming that she’s blocking their state slot as no
one from their state would be among the Ministers going by such
appointment. That rather than appoint her, that the President
should take another woman from Kaduna state in her place and
give her the slot of her original state.
This is same argument the Ojukwu family is putting up against
Bianca. Though I do not subscribe to this narrative in totality, but
one would be constrained to look into the issues raised by the
proponents of a “a woman ceases to retain the claim to her
husband’s state of origin on his death as she can remarry”.
I do not think such narrative would have come up had it been Stella
or any other Anambrain by birth was contesting for same seat. But
yet, Ojukwu’s family aren’t right to stand against their sons wife
from enjoying the privileges accorded to humans by virtue of
marriage. At least for now, Bianca isn’t married to another man so
she yet enjoys the full right of any Anambra person.
Truth is that people knows what to do and say but will leave
issues especially when Igbos are involved to talk down on an
entire group. They should know that we aren’t moved by their
many negativity about our people and for the records, we aren’t the
reason why Nigeria isn’t working. We’ve only governed this
country twice (directly and indirectly). Direct in the sense that
Ironsi had the full power of a President while indirectly that Zik was
just a figurehead President. And our record speaks volume. In our
two major experiments, we went out for unification and all sector
growth of the country.

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