Is the president the president

I bursted into a very serious laughter after reading a report from
Punch newspaper about Mohammed Buhari trekked for 800 metres in his country home, Daura. As if that was not enough, his media hitmen went on gossip frenzy by cowardly selling to their gullible audience that
Buhari has demonstrated his fitness for the second term by
trekking 800 metres. The above statement from the presidency
caught me thinking for hours. After much brainstorming over this
superfluous and cheap blabbing, I decided to call it the usual
abracadabra that is normal among political contractors in Nigeria
but on a second note, I thought it wise to give this locomotive
brains a small knock just to reconfigure their top process.
One basic flaw about Nigerians is their inability to process
information properly. When issues pops-up, Nigerians will hurriedly
take to their social media handles to talk and talk without
presenting a logical answer or dissecting and analysing the
situation for a deserved outcome. Such statement from the
presidency is quite unpresidential in this 21st century.
Many Nigerians do not understand the REGGAE behind the BLUES
that was played by the presidency. I want to enlighten Nigerians
about it. If Nigerians are fast thinkers, they should have known by
now that the trekking saga was stage managed in other to score a
point. The trekking fanfare was solely designed to tell Nigerians
that Buhari is not a fake. The presidency has been so worried
about this consensus opinion among Nigerians that the
masquerade parading around in Aso Villa is a Sudanese imposter
and therefore to sway peoples mind away from this uncontestable
truth, the trekking Olympics was called for.
No amount of random trekking will dispute the questionable
personality of the person in Aso Villa. It doesn’t change or erase
the fact that he is a fake that doesn’t know anything that goes on
around him. Nigerians can be cajoled into believing this tales my
moonlight but not for smart thinkers like us. If the presidency feels
the man that trekked 800 metres is the Buhari we knew in 2015,
they should organise a presidential media chat. In this media
romance, journalists should be free to ask questions without
censoring. This will rather prove if he is the Buhari we knew in
2015 or the Sudanese imposter.
Nigerian presidency is always engulfed in careless talks. This
might sound a kind of derogatory to many but that is the simple
truth. What is so special about a president taking a walk? This is a
routine exercise that many world leaders does to remain fit. I could
remember when the former secretary of State, John Kerry had a
crash and broke his arm while biking to keep fit. Many political
leaders that knows their onions around the globe usually engage in
exercise. Some are involved in soccer, boxing, gulf, taekwondo and
many more. They engage in these sports to remain physically and
mentally fit. There is nothing new and special about it.
If I may ask, when has trekking become the yardstick to evaluate
political performance? I find it too difficult to understand the
stupidity behind this ridiculous approximation. From Buhari’s
political score card so far, he scored 5 over 100. How can a leader
that scored 5 over 100 in a political examination that requires 50%
as a pass mark be boldly scheming to return to power again? This
is total political absurdity. If after all these heavy outcry by the
hapless masses in Nigeria over the catastrophic performance of
Mr Buhari and some desperate political contractors in Abuja are
still bent on in maintaining the status quo, then, all the confused
one Nigerianists should get ready for the worst.
It is nothing but a dirty and childish talk from the Nigerian
presidency. A president taking a usual walk for the betterment of
his health cannot be approximated to the success of the programs
and policies of his government. All these nonsensical talks must
The lazy camel called Buhari trekked for nothing! There is no two
ways about it. It is only a deluded mind like Buhari and his
noisemakers that will buy this kobo kobo lie that trekking can be
equated to good performance. Nigerians have a president that will
only trek and cheer at the problems pointing at him.

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