Is there a future for Nigeria?

i saw a Vehicle loaded with massive number of Uniformed Vigilantes and well armed Nigeria Security agents,molesting and pushing them out of the vehicle into the Prisons.
The armed Men barricaded the entrance to the Prisons and stopped vehicles from passing, aceive they arrested criminals.
When I asked where they are from? I was told, they are “Vigilantes From Benue State”, who were detained for protecting their Communities after the Benue State Fulani Massacre.
I was inquisitive to know and asked from the direct source, who gave me same answer. This Men were arrested in Benue State and brought to Enugu State, to keep them away from their Families.
They detained massive number of Benue Youths after the Masscre for weeks, tortured them while on detention before their arraignment, which led to Court remanding order and no Fulani Herdsmen was captured.
I was so bittered, as the incident triggered a lot of murmuring and questions, from Prison visitors. People were intensely angry and I was surprised to hear a Woman behind me say; ” Indeed Nnamdi Kanu, is a Prophet. He saw this coming and spoke to our people, but they refused to listen. Now, see how the Hausa/Fulani people are humiliating us, for defending our Land”.
I told her, the Prophet have spoken, the congregation should heed to the words of the Prophet.
When i saw this picture, i knew Nigeria is indeed, a Hopeless country.
Look at a Fulani Terrorist Herdsman, openly chilling out in a Beer Parlour with his Cutlass, meanwhile Community Vigilantes are been arrested and detained for defending their villages against Fulani terrorist attacks.
Benue Youths who thought adding “North” to their geopolitical zone is enough to secure them, are having their personalities reduced to zero.
It has happened to the Middle Belt People, it could be your zone.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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