It was an endemic, it swept through Bonsai High school, everyone was infected and only a few were immune. It was between classmates, between seniors and juniors and between teachers and students. The principal queried it, but he was not an exception.
This wave of endemic, it was a Gram positive cocci.
Disease name: Love-in-gititis
Causal organism: Lovinococcus Spp.
It was spoke about in hush tunes. Who was seeing who and who makes out with whom. Oh the fun of high school, some were always NEVER in the know anyway, some were the informants!
In another class many doors down, an Agricultural science teacher and a junior student were infected. She was barely 15, and it was rumoured that herself and this teacher of ours were an ‘item’. It wasn’t the first time we have heard of such abominable acts but he was way older than she was and should have known better.
Many years later, we all left Bonsai high and their ‘love’ grew stronger. Last we heard, they were married.
This endemic that swept through the corridors of my school, present in every classroom and in the halls, whatever theirs was, it was strong enough to get them to walk down the aisle together.
I don’t mean to sound judgemental, or a Miss kill joy.
But….. I have to ask..
How can I love so truly, someone who should have known better but refused to do what was right….morally…. How can I love so truly someone entrusted with my education but have decided to take it up a notch, too far a notch…. How can I love so truly someone who sexualised me or found me attractive when I was but a child?…. How could I love such a one?….How could I live with such?….. Above all, how could I trust?
The police knocks on our door, scrapping DNA off all the men in the neighbourhood, a 16 year old had gotten pregnant and have called a few names. How could I go to bed sound and asleep, when I know that the man laying next to me have done it before and could be a repeat offender? Above all, how could I ever entrust him with my daughter once she comes of age? He should be the one person I trust with our daughter, but can I ever get my mind off what happened in the walls of Bonsai high?
How do I tell my daughter I met her dad? Do I lie? Will my lies be morally acceptable since it is to protect her? What if I say the truth? And then she tells me she has fallen head over heels in love with her history teacher, what do I do then? Let her?
If the laws in Nigeria were still binding, her history teacher could be in jail but so would have her father! I want to believe people change, but in advance countries, sex offenders never get off the sex offenders list. What to do? What do you think? Is it ever acceptable? Could you say this has any ounce of Love? I’d say no.


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    Good update

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    I can say yes

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    That’s not love at first

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