Your perspective……�
Mary, so much for a virgin girl.
She is known in the whole village as the town whore.
She was famous with the alias ‘dumping ground’
And that she was pregnant again was no news.
The town gossips walked pass her.
They were initially a group of 4, then Mimi got blind.
Ify, Uju and Ufoma laughed and clapped their hands
“Shey, this pregnancy is for a Hausa guy?” Ufoma asked
Mary was quiet.
“Shey you know you are a disgrace to the girls in this village?” Ify said
“Go on with one Nigeria” Uju said and bursted into laughter
“Three children; the boy is Igbo, the girl is Yoruba and now pregnant for a Hausa man” she continued
Mary was quiet.
She walks home….
“I cannot go through another church discipline because of you idiot” Her father said.
“I raised you well Mary, but you brought shame and ridicule to me among my fellow women. At 19, you are having your third child, mumu.” her mother said as she threw her shoes at her.
Mary cried
From Mary’s perspective……
Everyone thinks I am a big fool
I am.
But here are the facts before judgement day.
You didn’t know…..
That Ebuka was the first person in my whole life to tell me the words ‘I love you.’
And he meant them.
For once I felt loved
And even though it was short-lived, I am glad it happened.
I got pregnant and he left me like a bag of rotten potatoes.
I had baby Chima, I am grateful.
You didn’t know….
That Kunle was the first person to buy me gifts
Until Kunle, I had never gotten gifts from anyone else
It felt so real
He introduced me to his friends as ‘iyawo wa’
He loved me like no other
And loved my baby Chima even more……
I got pregnant and he ran like an ostrich, legs touching his occipital bone
I had little Yetunde, I adore her.
You didn’t know….
That Mustafa was the first to make me dream again
He said I will go back to school
He paid for extra lessons to ready me for the university
I was excited..
He told me he was different
That he was here to stay
I believed him……
I got pregnant and he disappeared like a whirlwind
But I paid them all for their love.
Ebuka told me the best way to show appreciation is to lie on my back
I did, for all of them.
Today, I have had enough
Chima and Yetunde were asleep on the bed
I laid my hands on their heads and blessed them
“May your lives never be like mine, may your days be many and your sorrows few, May life be easy on you and when the time comes, may you find true love”
I kissed them both and went to the backyard.
Climbed up the tree and tied the rope
I said a prayer and let my neck carry my weight.
“In a moment, this pain will all be over”
And it was……except……..
People started to gather and soon I was buried
But above everything, I had knowledge of things I hadn’t known.
I watched as Ify shook her head, she walks away thinking of the 7th abortion she had booked herself in for next week.
I watched as Uju cried, not just for me but for both uteruses she lost to a quack D& C job.
I watched as Ufoma battled with her STDs and is scared she might end up like Mimi, blinded by syphilis.
Then I wondered how righteous they thought they were to cast the first stone.
Today, in death, I am the referee
There is no winner
A case of Mary Vs Village-Judgina gossips
May Heaven forgive them.


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