Jeff Zients will be joining Facebook’s Board of Directors-Mark Zuckerberg

CEO of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his official page “I’m excited to share that Jeff Zients will be joining Facebook’s
Board of Directors.

Jeff is the rare expert in both business and public policy. He’s
currently CEO of The Cranemere Group, an investment and holding
company, and before that he served in the Obama administration
as Director of the National Economic Council and acting director of
the Office of Management and Budget. When Healthcare·gov broke
during its launch, Jeff was put in charge of fixing it — which he did
in three weeks.

This is an important time for Facebook as we take a broader view
of our responsibility, and Jeff’s experience will help us navigate the
challenges we face.

I also want to thank Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp, who
announced last week he is stepping down from our board. Jan has
done an amazing job building WhatsApp, and I’ve learned so much
working with him. I will miss working closely with him.

Finally, I want to thank Sue Desmond-Hellmann, our lead
independent director, for helping us develop our board and plan for
everything we need to do in the future.

Welcome Jeff — I’m looking forward to working together”

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