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Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services. The Company supports government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions focused on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. One of the group of companies under Tetra Tech is delivering the DFID-funded United Kingdom Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (UKNIAF) infrastructure improvement works. The programme’s duration is contracted for an initial 48 months with a possible 24-month extension.

Job Description

We are recruiting an IT Specialist to manage all IT related functions for Coffey Nigeria and WYG Limited as per below:

Job Summary

Based in Abuja, this position works together with the IT teams in the UK to ensure that all IT systems, devices and network are compliant with company standards.

Key Responsibilities

The IT Officer is responsible for ensuring the IT systems in all programmes are functioning.

Specifically, this will include: Systems Admin: File Servers:

Ensure updates/patches on ReadyNAS devices
Resolve issues in coordination with vendors
Assist in resolving tier 2 issues with the Egnyte application and coordinating response from Egnyte /NetGear.

Network Devices:

Coordinate with Corporate Networking team to ensure installation and setup of standard equipment
Periodically audit field office bandwidth utilization
Facilitate communications with Corporate Networking to resolve issues as they arisen

Personal Computing Devices:

Develop and operationalize an approach to maintain consistency in software configuration
Assist field teams in sourcing appropriate equipment
Develop and operationalize an approach to cataloguing/inventorying field equipment
Mobile device management and support, issuing smartphones and applications
Place importance on customer satisfaction

Coordinate / orchestrate the deployment of software updates to field offices:

Notify field technology staff/contractors of recommended updates
Oversight and coordination of field office technology staff
Assist the Ops Dir in selection of IT service contractors and/or internal IT staff
Assess performance of field technology contractors
Direct field technology staff in system installations, equipment selection
Project Start-up
Coordinate local staff to ensure that correct equipment is sourced and properly configured
Assist in designing or review the design developed by contractors of the field office network
Induction training with follow up training / video training point of contact for future training
Contribute to IT related proposals
Help spec equipment and price for proposals
Research ISP pricing
Work with the project as point of contact for new work

Contribute to IT Policy review and formulation:

Assist the global team in formulating appropriate, practical policies and practices for field project office operations
Develop and operationalize IT related documentation and manual
Develop and operationalize approaches to compiling and making easily accessible the policies and practices required to deploy and operate field project IT infrastructure
Assist with all unit’s IDEV infrastructure tickets including but not limited to:
Egnyte Permissions
Resolving issues with ISP
Virus / Malware Outbreaks
Use Cherwell to document work performed. Standardising tasks for Enterprise Field ops hand-offs.
Use Cherwell to build and implement project plans.

Other Duties:

Adhere to all Company’s policies and procedures and uphold the company’s values
Perform any other duties as may be required.

Requirements, Education and Experience

Master’s Degree in IT, Computer Science or any related field of study
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified System Administrator
MS Certified Technology Specialist
A minimum of 5 years recent experience with an international development company
Experience with the use of a variety of computer applications and experience in a networking environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Computer hardware and software troubleshooting (MAC, HP and Dell Laptops)
Security and computer viruses
Knowledge of file servers and systems administration
Knowledge of shared drives, Netgear, Egnyte, Microsoft teams and in using Cherwell
Experience with project management
Ability to communicate effectively in English and in Hausa;
Ability to work under pressure and willingness to work outside of normal work hours, when necessary.
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