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Alfred and Victoria Associates

Job Summary
As a - in our team, you will work with a specialized group of highly skilled individuals to understand clients’ technical and business needs and to demonstrate how those can be achieved through the capabilities of relevant Platforms.
You own the technical dimension of the cycle and successfully employ a combination of high technical expertise, communication and coordination skills between clients and internal company’s teams to achieve your mission.

Key Role & Responsibilities
Determining the technical requirements to meet client goals and act as liaison between the various groups in the organization.
Collaborate with the and services teams by acting as technical experts in customer presentations.
Manage and interpret customer requirements; also persuade clients on the product or service that will best satisfy their needs.
Interface with client architects and cloud service providers to ensure that the defined solution is signed-off by all the stakeholders.
Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product will meet client needs
Maintain Company IT standards, Architecture principles and Strategy, Roadmap and use cases.
Travelling to visit potential clients where necessary.
Analysing costs and ; calculating client quotations.
Negotiating tender and contract terms.
Offering after- support services
Helping in the design of custom-made products
Providing training and producing support material for the sales team
Secondary key skills and Tasks (Sales ):
Travelling to visit potential clients.
Establishing new, and maintaining existing, relationships with customers (P-Seller Program)
Managing and interpreting customer requirements.
Persuading clients that a product or service will best satisfy their needs
Calculating client quotations
Negotiating tender and contract terms
Negotiating and closing sales by agreeing terms and conditions
Offering after-sales support services
Administering client accounts
Analysing costs and sales
Preparing reports for head office
Supporting marketing by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events.
Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product will meet client needs
Providing -sales technical assistance and product education
Helping in the design of custom-made products
Providing training and producing support material for the sales team
Required Experience & Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
3 to 5 years years’ experience in a presales or related field over the course of your career; the more years the better.
In depth understanding of Microsoft Azure & AWS, IaaS, specifically:
App Services, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server IaaS implementation, Availability sets, Azure Networking concepts, Express Route, DNS, Load Balancing, Storage

Skills and Competencies:
Understanding about the challenges and considerations to be catered for while migrating applications from on-premise to Azure.
Define solution architecture which meet availability, disaster recovery and availability requirements as specified by customer
Knowledge of migrating applications to Cloud using Tools like AppZero, ASR etc will be nice to have.
Fundamental knowledge of AWS is also required and understanding on how Azure IaaS v/s AWS IaaS compares to each other and conceptual knowledge of AWS RDS is desired.
Fundamental knowledge of GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is also required and understanding on how GCP IaaS v/s AWS and Azure IaaS compares to each other.
Soft Skills such as writing Proposals and Presenting up to C-Levels is a must
Preferably from Developer background (.net, Java)
Microsoft Azure certifications desirable
Extensive client facing skills and the ability to work independently

Very attractive

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