week,Sen.Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi (Senator Kaduna North)in
league with some APC juggernauts commissioned a factional
secretariat of their party and inaugurated a set new state
executives.Most of Sen.Hunkuyi’s faction executives are state
officers recognized by the national working committee of
APC,since set-go. Multifaceted narratives responsible for cat and
mouse relationship between the “Godfather(Sen.Hunkuyi) and
godson”(Gov.El-rufai) are horizontally and vertically flying in the
State’s political planet. Of the assorted reasons being hoisted,two
are outstanding:1) it was my victory disposition of Gov.El-rufai;
and 2) a winner can’t take all stance of Sen.Hunkuyi. A critical
perusal of the two reasons shows;their fiasco borders “allocation
of values”. Or “who gets what,where and how”. Allowing the
skirmish to degenerate to this irreparable degree is Gov.El-Rufai’s
greatest political misstep.Only a neophyte,political wet, and a dull
nihilist will pick a fight with a veteran hyena that his back had
been wetted by all political dews of Kaduna State. Sen. Hunkuyi is
ala a bat that has seen all the nights ,except the night of his
death. Now that a line is in the sand,Gov.El-rufai will know how
devastating and lethalistic Sen.Hunkuyi’s political punches are. I
know that jester and empty skull clowns in Governor El-rufai’s
loop are massaging his hippopotamus -sized ego via assuring him
that he will weather this whirl storm.A pit of hell lie!
Sen.Hunkuyi’s active political cells are in all the nooks and
crannies of the state. And have been existing long before the
advent of this Republic in 1999.He has used these cells to rescue
drowning political figures and at the same time burry others. I’m
pretty sure he will demonstrate that skill on APC and Gov.El-
rufai,once again. Wait a minute,who has political sagacity or balls
in Gov.El-rufai’s strategic and tactical camp? Who is connected
with the grassroots and can mobilize people with ease of knife on
butter in his political nest? Is it Councilor Jimmy Lawal(A Yoruba
man), Adviser Muyiwa Adekeye(A Yoruba Chap), Balarabe Abbas,
Barnabas Yusuf Bala(Lightweighted Deputy Governor)or Thomas
Gyang(The Due Precess Czar)? How can these spineless and
rudderless political actors challenge a group made up of;
Sen.Shehu Sani,Alh.Tijjani Ramalan,Dr.Hakeen Baba-
Ahmed,Mal.Tom Maiyashi,Adm.I.I.Iko,Com.Mikiah
Takwak,Dr.Stanley Mamman,and Hon.Isah Ashiru? To think that
the two will can tango in the same field,is wanton stupidity
because one is akin to a feeder team while the other the senior
team. Now that the lethal brouhaha has peaked,the National body
of APC that refused to act on petitions of aggrieved party
members and major state-holders will jump-in and side with the
Gov.El-rufai’s faction because governors are their bills pickers.It
is said;”he who pays the piper dictates the tune”. APC’s national
headquarters sentimental and bias move will finally screw a nine
inch nail on the coffin of their party in Kaduna State because
Sen.Hunkuyi’s faction will not stand arms akimbo and allow
themselves to be terminated,politically .Sen.Hunkuyi and his
dogged fighting troop will take their case to the mandate givers
who are also eager to give Gov.El-rufai and his platoon of external
and internal usurpers a marching order to the political Golgotha.
The people have been waiting for a payback time,desperately.
Because of this fisticuff and mountain of other self-inflicted
quandaries,APC and Gov.El-rufai will suffer one of the biggest
electoral defeat in the history of Kaduna State,come 2019.No
magic,no strategy,no Goebellian-height propaganda, no
intimidation,and no Nazis-style harassment will take the noose off
their necks. The same wind of change that coasted them to
unexpected victories shall flush them down the political sink.

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