Kaduna APC published a Statement on Recent Developments

The Kaduna State Executive of the APC made the
following categorical statements on their official plateform

1. The Kaduna State APC will not sacrifice its cohesion, discipline
and unity for political expediency. We have waged a long and
consistent struggle to uphold respect for the Party, its constitution,
and party spirit so that this party can grow and fulfil the hopes that
inspired its formation.
2. Therefore, we affirm the indefinite suspension of Shehu Sani for
serial indiscipline and violations of the Party Constitution, and
further clarify that the Constitution of our Party does not bestow
any powers on the national headquarters to quash the decisions of
the Ward, Local Government and State Executive of the Party. You
cannot join the party at your ward level, proceed totreat the same
party with utmost contempt for three years, then delude yourself
into a belief that the national headquarters can now declare you a
saint, and impose you on the state party!
3. The party shall support only those who uphold its substance and
spirit, and it cannot condone the opportunism of people who having
used the APC to get tothe Senate, began rebelling against it as
soon as they got to Abuja. Article 9.2(i) of the APC Constitution
clearly states the obligations of members.“Members of the Party
shall be obligated to affirm the party’s aims and objectives and
conduct themselves in a manner that shall not bring the party to
public odium and disrepute. Members of the party shall also
observe the rules and regulations embedded in this Constitution.”
4. Article 21A (i-xi) of the APC Constitution lists offences for which
a member is liable to disciplinary action. Shehu Sani has violated
several of these, before and since his suspension. We are not a
party of anything goes! Shehu Sani is on indefinite suspension
from the APC. The process for his suspension was initiated in
December 2015 by the Party Executive in Ward 6, Kaduna South
Local Government, which suspended him for 11 months. Shehu
Sani’s indiscipline, his disrespect for the APC, and the whole notion
of party spiritpersisted during the first suspension. Therefore it was
extended to indefinite suspension, with the endorsement of the
State Executive Committee of the party.
5. Since 2015, Shehu Sani has engaged in unremitting hostility to
the APC, joining the gang-up against the party in the Senate. At the
national level, the utterances in which he has ridiculed the party
and President Buhari are well-chronicled.
6. In Kaduna State, Shehu Sani has since July 2015 opposed
everything the APC and the government it installed has tried to do.
On Security, Education, Law and Order, and Social Welfare issues,
he shamelessly diverged from party position with an enthusiasm
and recklessness that even the opposition parties in the state did
not demonstrate. We recall the undisguised glee with which he
denied Kaduna State the $350m loan the World Bank had adjudged
the state eminently qualified to access. This loan was to help
improve lives by building more schools, hospitals and vital
infrastructure. We cannot sit with such a renegade except he can
reverse course and ensure that we get our loan, among other
7. While on suspension, Shehu Sani joined Suleiman Othman
Hunkuyi in an attempt to factionalise the APC in Kaduna, opening a
parallel secretariat and claiming to have their own chairman. The
Kaduna State APC swiftly defeated this attempt at factionalisation.
We were dismayed that rather than promptlyapplying the
provisions of the party constitution to punish factionalisation, the
national headquarters of the party constituted a “fact-finding”
8. While Suleiman Hunkuyi has left our party after trying and
failing to destroy it, his partner in indiscipline, Shehu Sani, is
desperately trying to hang in because he has sought, but not
found, greener pasture. His posters are all over Kaduna without the
name or logo of the APC, or indeed any party. Everyone recalls
how he was the loudest of the irresponsible lot that over several
weeksthreatened the party with defection, only to relapse into
customary cowardice, unable to join his allies in carrying out the
9. The Kaduna State APC issues this as a notice that we will
robustly insist on our prerogatives. We will not indulge those that
have betrayed our people. And we call on the national
headquarters to uphold party spirit, respect its Constitution and
avoid the appearance of taking loyal party members for granted, or
treating traitors as heroes.


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