Kaduna crises: Threat to remove Gonin Gora-Barr Auta Maisamari

News making the rounds are to the effect that the Governor of
Kaduna State has threatened to remove or demolish Gonin Gora
settlement within the Kaduna metropolis. The statement which was
made by Governor Nasiru El Rufai is clearly an impotent political
statement made to divide Kaduna people along religious lines.

Reading commentaries in reaction to the ill-advised statement at
this time, I observed that some ill-informed citizens are already
carried away by the statement. A few Muslims who may not know
that this is a mere political statement aimed at luring them to
forget the so many wrongs or evils of El Rufai to the Kaduna
people are already applauding him.

Similarly, a few Christians who do not know that this statement is
made only to polarized the Kaduna people along religious lines are
already threatening reactions that may pitch them against their
Muslim friends.

Let me say that it’s a condemnable act to stop an innocent
passerby during a crisis or riot and either kill him or destroy his
property. There is need for us who are enlightened and who have
traveled to take up a campaign against this dastardly act. Any one
can be a victim depending on which side of the divide we may find
ourselves any day. It may also not happen in Kaduna and Gonin
Gora but elsewhere in Nigeria.

What I think we the people of Kaduna State need to do at this time
is to unite, resist any attempt by the Governor to polarized us to
achieve his aim of repeating the class that he vowed never to
repeat. We must carry a campaign to our religious leaders and the
youths in our respective areas enlightening them on the real
intention of the Governor in making the said statement.

We should understand that the real reasons behind some of these
crises may indeed be more political than ethnic or religious. We
should understand and advise ourselves the Kaduna people must
do everything possible to avoid any form of crisis especially close
to the Governorship election because it may be used as a reason to
shift Kaduna election to a later date to give room for sufficient
security mobilization to foist on us a Governor that we have long

Nigerian Presidential Poll

Can the south east produce the next Nigerian President?

The three prominent Governorship candidates of PDP, SDP and
PRP must collaborate among themselves and agree that whoever
among them that gets the election, they should support him.
Kaduna people must arise and resist all forms of attempts to turn
their attention from the resolve to do away with dictatorship in our

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