He made the
loudest noise, mismanaged our money in the guise of fixing our
hospitals. As I write this, Sabo General Hospital lost touch with
electricity since 2016. Worst of it is the fact he refused them
money for gas to lit up the hospital with their generating set. Even
though they generate money from their services, he directed them
to remit their earnings in some account(s) operated by him and
his gang. Same applies to almost all general hospitals in the state
excluding that of tudun wada that was recently connected to the
dedicated 24hrs government house electricity which serves him
and his family. There exist several claims by the government and
its propaganda machineries of equipping these hospitals with
equipments worth billions with nothing visibly on ground to
justify. Visit any and see for yourself. Not contented with his loot
through the above avenue, he jumped to the education sector
where a whooping N10billion was falsely expended on two slices
of yam and a sachet of saccharine juice per day, per pupil for just
six months which yielded a significant decline in both academic
performance and moral well being of the pupils. This fetched him
an ill fortune of billions of naira to his personal purse. Noticing the
several avenues of looting public funds within this sector, he went
on a spree of inflated fake contracts of renovating public schools
where over N540billion was earmarked to be stolen under this
guise. I am yet to conclude my findings on the level of destruction
it might have caused the affected schools and the amount of
money drained through this conduit pipe but will avail you as
soon. Again, teachers salaries were stolen for several months by
this leader and gang members and for the fear of industrial/legal
action by the affected workers against him, he quickly disengaged
almost all of them under the guise of incompetency. Again I will
make findings of how much public funds was looted under this act
and avail you in due course. Lest I forget, there was this
undisclosed amount of public funds that was stolen by the same
gang under the guise of purchasing iPads for public students. I
bet you will care for figures as well, keep a date. Oh oh, I almost
forgot the plenty public schools toilet project, help me count them
pls. The contracted amount was N2.5m per cubicle toilet worth
less than 500k. The gang leader in a move to enrich himself far
above the gang members, went further to our security purse where
he is the chief security officer by virtue of his position as the
governor of the state. Hello, I can not quantify his loot from this
sector, not even him can because the funds inhere are completely
unaudited. I bet he has lost figures of the actual loot he made
from this purse but let’s approximate N50billion to aid the
completion of this piece. Who remembered the money exported to
some foreign lands in the guise of compensation to fulani
terrorists? Everyone knows and remember. Who knows the exact
amount? Only the gang Boss. Worry not! Sooner than later he will
be quizzed to reveal the actual amount. I am not expecting any
amount less than a N100billion though.


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