Kaduna Pastor Weeps During Christmas Service, Says ‘Can’t Hold Seeing People Killed’

Kaduna Pastor Weeps During Christmas Service, Says ‘Can’t Hold Seeing People Killed’

A Kaduna based Peace Ambassador and General overseer of Christ’s Evangelical and Life intervention Church, Pastor Yohanna Buru,wept while giving a sermon at a special Christmas service on Friday that had Muslims and Christians in attendance.

The cleric broke down in tears when speaking about insecurity in the north.

” What made me, that I couldn’t hold myself to the end is because of the incessant killings in Northern Nigeria.

” We are people that claim to practice Christianity and Islam, we are the majority, but unfortunately, by claiming to be Christians and Muslims we have not lived up to expectations, ” he said.

Speaking further, he said : ” We are killing ourselves, villages are being deserted, innocent souls and kids are being killed, women are becoming more of widows, rape all over,

“The issue of terrorism, by different armed groups;bandits and Boko haram,the herders- farmers conflicts, kidnappers and many other people doing all kinds of things that are not the dictates of our religions ”

“That’s why I couldn’t hold my tears. I begin to cry, i didn’t do that intentionally, but because of the pain of what we see,what we hear,these are lives that are being killed.

“And we are not doing nothing and every day its increasing, insecurity all over. I can’t hold seeing people being killed, that’s why I began to cry at the altar. ”

He said what informed his decision to host the annual event is ” because the issue of peace is Paramount in my life and I want to see peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims and non Christians not only in Northern Nigeria,but Nigeria,Africa and entire World at large. ”

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While reiterating his unshaken commitment to peace in accordance with the law of God and the nation,called on Nigerians to unite for peace and against insecurity.

The special Christmas service is aimed at strengthening religious harmony and understanding among the different faiths.

The event attracted participants from Zamfara, Katsina, Kano,Plateau and Kaduna states.

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