Kaduna senators to dump APC

The Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi-led faction of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) in Kaduna State, has said it is considering
defecting to another political party.

The group, known as APC Akida, in a statement on Friday said it
has concluded a review of the state of the party and governance
issues in the state and the nation.

It said it would take the decision “if there is no visible evidence of
success in addressing the damaging levels of alienation and
frustration among the millions of party faithful in Kaduna State”.
Prominent members among the group are Senator Shehu Seni,
Isah Ashiru, former APC governorship aspirant Mr. Mataimaki Tom
Maiyashi, etc.

Maiyashi, Chairman of the group, who signed the statement said
two recent events in the state chapter of the party had confirmed
its fears of the absence of credible and legitimate party leadership.
“The party congresses, and the Local Government Councils
elections, in Kaduna State have confirmed the fears that the
absence of credible and legitimate party leadership in our state will
destroy its credibility and popularity.

“These are fears which the Akida group had raised since the early
days of the administration of Nasir el-Rufai.
“The congresses have exposed the contempt for popular
participation by the Governor and his hand-picked choir.
“Our party has lost massive popularity and goodwill as a result of
attempts to force the choices of an unpopular government on party

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