Some of the new teachers we tried to recruit tried to game the system. We gave those that passed letters of appointments and a plain sheet of paper to write a simple letter of acceptance. Some couldn’t. It was clear they didn’t write the tests themselves” ~ Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai.
The Kaduna Governor thinks we are as foolish as he is. He is now saying and I quote “we tried to recruit” haven earlier informed us that ‘some of the newly recruited teachers’ couldn’t write a letter. Just what is his difference with the alleged incompetent teachers?
He is currently paying less than 10,000 teachers while tactically buying time under the guise of Education Reforms and pocketing the budgeted suppose salaries of more than 25,000 teachers. Elrufai is the real ghost worker!
Just how can you not get your so called reforms right even with your keen interest on it? Need I say you are a dummy? Little wonder God permitted you to be named ELRUFAI in other word FAILURE.


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