Kaduna State Government is set to demolish my personal house
despite a valid and subsisting court order. The matter is still
pending in the High Court of justice Kaduna as I write this but the
government is bent on carrying out its atrocity.
This is just one of the many court order violations by the Kaduna
State Government. We in Kaduna are very much aware of its
antecedents when it comes to violation of court orders, because
they feel they are above the law.
Its ironic for a government that rushes to sue people in court for
mundane issues but turn around to completely ignore court orders
against it. It tells so much on the kind of disrespect that they have
for rule of law.
Such injustices and abuse of office will not go unchallenged, we
will remain committed to the fight against such a tyrannical
government legally within our constitutional rights, and we will
certainly not relent in ensuring that justice prevails.

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