KANO Riot of 1953-Nairalovers

 Kano riot was a serious riot that broke out in Kano on 16 may 1953. The riot lasted for four (4) days and the nature of the riot was clashes between the northerners and southerners. The major cause of the riot was a  strained and bitter relationship between the southern and northern leaders over the issue of self-government of 1956. Chief Anthony Enahoro of Action Group moved a motion for self-government in 1956 in the house of representative, the northerners were against it in favor of British rule, the leader of Northern People’s Congress (NPC) and Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello counter the motion and replace the year 1956 with “as soon as practicable” thereby moving a motion for the adjournment of the meeting.  This made the southern representative to walk out of the meeting as a result of the adjournment of the meeting. Shortly after the meeting, the northern leaders were confronted by crowd in Lagos and were insulted and called all sort of names. Action Group and NCNC delegate went ahead and carry out a tour campaigning for self-government, this was the immediate cause of Kano riot where about 46 Nigerians mostly Igbo’s died and more than 200 people were treated  for injuries.

       Causes of the riot

  1. Strained and bitter relationship between the southern and northern leaders over the issue of self-government of 1956
  2. Northern representative were insulted by a huge crowd shortly after the meeting In Lagos
  3. The campaign for self-government by Action Group (AG) and National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon (NCNC) delegate

     Implication/ effect of Kano riot of 1953

  1. Relationship between north and south deteriorate
  2. Granting of greater autonomy to the three region
  3. Removal of power of intervention by the center
  4. The riot demonstrated that only federal system of government can bring unity in Nigeria

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