Kemi Adeosun official letter to president Buhari on resignation

Dear Excellency,
Let me commence by thanking you profusely for the honour and
privilege of serving under your inspirational leadership. It has been
a truly rewarding experience to learn from you and to observe at
close quarters your integrity and sense of duty.
I have, today, become privy to the findings of the investigation into
the allegation made in an online medium that the Certificate of
Exemption from National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) that I had
presented was not genuine. This has come as a shock to me and I
believe that in line with this administration’s focus on integrity, I
must do the honourable thing and resign.
Your Excellency, kindly permit me to outline some of the
background to this matter. I was born and raised in the United
Kingdom, indeed my parental family home remains in London. My
visits to Nigeria up until the age of thirty-four (34) were holidays,
with visas obtained in my UK passport. I obtained my first
Nigerian passport at the age of thirty-four (34) and when I
relocated there was debate as to whether NYSC Law applied to
me. Upon enquiry as to my status relating to NYSC, I was informed
that due to my residency history and having exceeded the age of
thirty (30), I was exempted from the requirement to serve. Until
recent events, that remained my understanding.
On the basis of that advice and with the guidance and assistance
of those, I thought were trusted associates, NYSC were
approached for documentary proof of status. I then received the
certificate in question. Having never worked in NYSC, visited the
premises, been privy to nor familiar with their operations, I had no
reason to suspect that the certificate was anything but genuine.
Indeed, I presented that certificate at the 2011 Ogun State House
of Assembly and in 2015 for Directorate of State Services (DSS)
Clearance as well as to the National Assembly for screening. Be
that as it may, as someone totally committed to a culture of
probity and accountability I have decided to resign with effect from
Friday, 14th September, 2018.
Your Excellency, It has been an exceptional privilege to have
served our nation under your leadership and to have played a role
in steering our economy at a very challenging time. I am proud that
Nigeria has brought discipline into its finances, has identified and
is pursuing a path to long term sustainable growth that will unlock
the potential in this great economy. Under your leadership, Nigeria
was able to exit recession and has now started to lay the
foundations for lasting growth and wealth creation. Repositioning
this huge economy is not a short term task and there are no short
cuts, indeed there are tough decisions still to be made but I have
no doubt that your focus on infrastructural investment, revenue
mobilisation and value for money in public expenditure will deliver
growth, wealth and opportunity for all Nigerians.
I thank His Excellency, the Vice President and my colleagues in the
Federal Executive Council for the huge pleasure and honour of
working with them. I also thank most specially, the team in the
‘Finance Family’ of advisers and heads of agencies under the
Ministry of Finance. Your Excellency, this group of committed
Nigerians represent a range of backgrounds, ethnicities and ages.
They have worked well above and beyond the call of duty to
support me in the tasks assigned. The diversity in my team and
their ability to work cohesively to deliver reforms, convinces me
that Nigeria has the human capital required to succeed.
Your Excellency, let me conclude by commending your patience
and support, during the long search for the truth in this matter. I
thank you again for giving me the honour of serving under your
leadership, it is a rare privilege, which I do not take for granted. As
a Nigerian and committed progressive, I appreciate you for your
dogged commitment to improving this nation.
Please be assured, as always, of my highest regards and best
Kemi Adeosun (Mrs)

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  1. Good decision

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