Provisions of quality and affordable health care facilities and
affordable drugs are part of the responsibilities of the Government
to her citizenry.
However, it is surprising that Aba a city with a population of over
500,000 people does not have any form of Federal Government
health care facility.
The economy of Aba is driven by micro, small and medium
enterprises (MSME) which contributes over 60% of the state
internal generated revenue. These MSMEs contribute tremendously
to the GDP of the country.
A city like Aba with its importance to the country is supposed to
have mobile hospitals stationed at strategic positions in case of
emergencies. These are some of the ways the citizens benefit
from the government. These mobile hospitals can be used to
convey patients whose cases may require further attention. The
closest federal medical facility that Aba people can use is FMC
Umuahia which is over 60Km away and about 1hr 30minutes drive
from Aba due to the state of our roads.
Every year, billions of Naira are allocated to the Federal Ministry of
Health. One may ask how the residents of Aba benefit from these
billions allocated to the Federal ministry of Health? The truth
remains that the state owned General Hospital and Abia State
University Teaching Hospital cannot serve the medical needs of
Aba residents. The exorbitant bills charged by private Hospitals
has made it difficult for residents to access health care facilities
when they have need for it.
If building a hospital is not possible, in line with the National Health
Policy on Drugs; “to provide effective and affordable drugs to the
populace”. The Federal Ministry of Health should partner with
Pharmacies and Hospitals in Aba to provide drugs at reduced
If those who have represented Aba realized that health is wealth
they would have attracted the presence of Federal Government in
this All important sector.
The Insufficiency of affordable and quality health care facilities in
Aba are part of the reasons why the people of Aba are unhappy.
Aba people must send a representative to the Federal House who
understands the importance of this sector and will also ensure that
the Federal Government Presence is attracted to this important

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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