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Lesson to learn from the story of the Sheep and the Lion

Lesson to learn from the story of the Sheep and the Lion

Long time in the past in the Animal Kingdom, a sheep was passing and noticed a lion crying inside a cage lure and the lion begged the sheep to save him with a promise not to kill and eat it however the sheep refused. After a lot persuasion and for the sheep’s gullibility it opened the cage for the lion.

Now the lion was very hungry having stayed in the cage for days with out meals. It shortly grabbed the sheep to kill and eat however the sheep reminded him of his promise. They had been nonetheless there arguing
when different animals got here passing and they sought to know what occurred.

Both the lion and the sheep narrated their very own aspect of the story however as a result of of worry and in making an attempt to acquire Favour in the sight of the lion, all the animals took aspect with the lion besides the Tortoise who declare not to perceive the complete situation.

Now the Tortoise requested the lion to present them the place he was earlier than the sheep rescued him, he pointed at the cage. He requested once more, “were you inside or outside when the sheep arrived”?

The lion mentioned he was inside. The tortoise once more mentioned “ok, enter lets see how difficult it could be inside”. The lion entered and the tortoise locked him again inside.

In amazement the different animals requested tortoise “why” and he replied “if we enable him eat the sheep at present, he’ll nonetheless go hungry tomorrow and we do not know the subsequent amongst us to be eaten tomorrow.

Moral Lesson
Don’t assist evil at present as a result of it would not have an effect on you immediately, tomorrow it might be your flip.


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