Let love happen, don’t force it


We all know about those self-help books and blog posts that tell you how to make a man fall in love with you. They make me wonder if it would not just be easier to allow it to happen rather than make it happen.

Certain people believe that if you don’t work for something, it will walk away but I don’t think love should be like that; not in that sense, anyway. This is not about the lazy logic that says, “If it is mine it will come.” I believe in being proactive but not to the point of doing some things that will make him love you.

When I hear someone say that I should work to make him fall in love, I wonder why I should be focused so much on someone else when I can be building myself instead. People say how you should smile, cook, dress, talk, the kind of acrobats to do in bed etc. just to get his attention and make him realise he is in love with (rolling my eyes). That sounds like a waste of energy.

If after all the tips and tricks he finally falls in love with you, it is good and fine but won’t you wonder if he is really in love with you or was it the act you put up that he fell for? That uncertainty will always be there and since you had to do all that to get him, do you continue it to keep him in the relationship?

Of course, you should make yourself presentable but not because you are looking for a man. It should be because you are self-respecting and self-confident. Besides, whatever image you project should be because that is who you really are.
Let love happen; don’t force it, please.

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