Let us get it right: the line between being blunt and rude


I am sure we all know that person that is fond of saying, “I like to say it as it is” or perhaps you are that person.
It is good to be honest and not seek to please people with your opinions but mehn, blunt people can be a real pain in the behind. I will get to why they are also good people in another article but for now, let us define who a blunt person really is.
I have found that most of the people who like to ‘say it as it is’ are usually crass with their opinions and don’t even like to be told as it is either. If you cannot take the bitter medicine, why offer it to someone else?
Being blunt does not mean that you don’t care about others’ opinions. It does not mean being insensitive (though blunt people come off that way). Also, it is not about stepping on toes or trying to prove a point just so you can say, “I told you so” later on.
On the contrary, blunt people are loving people. The reason anyone would say the truth is because of love. Love is the reason you would point out something that is wrong, so that that person does not fall into a trap you have identified. Blunt people have good intentions.
Therefore, if you have that friend that is rude in the name of being blunt, call her out on it and tell her to shut up. If you are the ‘blunt’ person, assess your intentions before you use that label on yourself. What are you trying to achieve by pointing out flaws in an issue/person? If your motives are not clear/pure, keep your bluntness to yourself.


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