Letter to Buhari for calling Nigerian youth jobless illiterate

Dear PMB, the shame is on you and your generation for
mortgaging the future of this country out of your pathological
selfishness, egoism, & anti-development mindset despite having
everything at your beck & call as youths.

Lots of Nigerian youths may be lazy & have entitlement mentality
as you submitted at the Commonwealth Business Forum in
Westminster yesterday (oh, I forgot that you even generalised it as
if its all of us), but let it be known unto you & your evil generation
that collapsed the systems of this country; there’s no effect
without a cause – so, don’t blame the effect without first crucifying
the cause. Poor infrastructure, outdated educational curriculum,
unstable government policies, dysfunctional healthcare, marasmic
economy, pervasive insecurity, & over-bloated public offices
entitlements & embezzlements discouraged or hindered the soaring
of the mental & emotional productivity of Nigerian youths. Or, is it
not ‘insanity’ to commit at least 10 years of your life (secondary &
tertiary education) on an education that will only eventually fetch
you a #60,000 monthly salary i.e. about #0.7million per annum (if
you’re lucky) while one ‘uneducated’ tout can meander his way to
a public office and earn #13.5million in a month virtually doing
nothing or at best to nap or to engage in mace-stealing ‘agbero’ cat
& rat fight – what our highly educated father & mother combined
don’t earn in a year.

By the way, who is lazier?
Our generation that met rots in virtually all d sytems – epileptic
power, irrelevant schooling system, comatose healthcare system,
failing economy, poor but costly education, high unemployment
rate, etc and yet hussle to make a headway or Your generation (70
years plus old or thereabout) that hold tight unto public offices for
the past 40 years because of what you get from it & also because
there’s nothing else you can realistically do to feed your luxurious
& awoof-driven life even when we can barely point at any industry
you have developed or any system you’ve improved to a better
standard than it was handed over to you?

Posterity will judge you & your cohorts for being the shameless
culprit, judge, & at the same time, the whistleblower to the world.

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