I’m laid down dead on my bed, in my bedroom, watching and
listening to Chioma my wife speak with her mother on the phone.
She was happy I was dead. She killed me with a poison.
“Yes Mama,” she said over the phone, “the idiot is dead.”
“So quick?” Her mother said.
“Yes oo, so quick.”
“I told you, Akanshi is a strong babalawo.”
“That’s true mama. What do I do now?”
“You know where he keeps all the documents?”
“Yes I do.”
“Perfect. Make sure you gather all of them together. The houses,
the cars, the banks and every other document available.”
“Ok Mama.”
“After that start crying and call neighbors. I’m right on my way.”
Chioma had the habit of setting her phone on speaker, the reason
why I could hear her mother.
My wife of three years conspired with her mother to kill me.
Chioma that I loved so much, saw her through the university and
sent her to Paris for her masters. The urge to jump from the bed
and pounce on her was much but I held myself back. I needed to
keep my cool to unveil more secrets.
I watched as she searched frantically for all the documents to my
properties. She piled them up beside the wall mirror, looking
herself in the mirror and smiling.
I smiled within me, knowing how I just escaped death by the
whiskers. I was such a lucky man. I remembered how it all
happened the day before. I came back earlier than I usually do
without calling to inform my wife. Chioma wasn’t in the sitting
room, I decided to tip toe to the bedroom to surprise her.
On getting to the door I could hear her voice, she was on the phone
with her mother.
“Mama, are you sure it will kill him?”
“Yes, I trust Akanshi.”
“I can’t wait for this man to die, I need my freedom to live as I
“He will die tomorrow, just follow the instruction. Add the
substance in his juice and make sure he drinks it.”
“I will Mama, trust me.”
I was glued to the spot. My own wife was planning to kill me and
tomorrow I would die by poisoning. I tip toed back to the sitting
room and as quietly as I entered I left. I left knowing what to do,
for to die I would.
The next day, being today, the day of my death, I left very early to
my office like everything was okay. I came back in the afternoon
prepared to drink some juice and die. Chioma my wife was
exceptionally happy to see me, I was pretentiously overjoyed to
see her. We kissed, yes, and we made love on the couch.
According to her plan, she went and brought a glass of juice for
me. And according to my plan I sent her to bring my briefcase to
show her a very important document. She left. Before she came
back I had exchanged the glass of juice with a different one. She
saw me gulp down the last juice as she came back. She cracked a
According to plan, I began to feel some pain in my stomach. As the
pain grew severe I began to crawl on the floor. Chioma, as a loving
and caring wife came to help, I told her to take me to the room.
She did and laid me gently on the bed.
“Honey, you will be fine,” she assured, “I’m here for you.”
Such a loving wife.
I began to shiver and I began to foam from the mouth, then I died.
Chioma left the mirror and walked towards the bed. She stood over
my dead body, with triumph on her face.
“Idiot,” she cursed, “anu ofia. I thought you’re a superman.” She
spit on me.
I remained motionless but watching her every move. She took her
mobile phone and dialed a number.
“Hello Chike,” she said.
Chike? Which Chike? Chike my best man and best friend?
“Hello sweetheart,” that was Chike’s voice. My best friend.
“My love, I have a good news.”
“Really? I can’t want to hear.”
“The idiot is dead.”
“Kacy naa, don’t you remember our discussion again?”
“Oh yes, I do I do. Great. Start crying, I’m on my way.”
My best man and best friend too was in the conspiracy to kill me.
What a wicked world.
Chioma stored the documents in one of her bags, went to the
mirror to look at her beautiful face one more time. Beautiful
demon. She rearranged her hair and made for the door. Opening
the door she turned back to look at me.
“Rest in peace,” she said and left.
I quietly got up from the bed, went to her bag and collected the file
containing all my documents. On top of the wardrobe, the portable
Nikon video recorder I had planted there earlier was still rolling, I
collected it and turned it off. Quietly like the ghost I was, I opened
the window, scaled through and vanished from the compound.
Chioma’s voice could be heard crying loudly. I’m now going to be a
ghost, to torment those that killed me. The battle line is drawn.



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