I was shocked to see a publication on one of the WhatsApp
platforms where IPOB claimed they had locked down the South-
East and South-South. Well, I want to correct this falsehood that
has become second nature to this group. Please, I have been in
and out of meetings with IPYEA, a branch of the IYC, Eastern Zone.
We are discussing modalities that will lead to unity. No one locked
down our region. We don’t even recognize such group here
anymore. What we want are those that will discuss modalities for
regional autonomy.

The IYC and INC are not even talking about secession anymore.
No one wants to go to war unprepared and on internet radio. What
we want is any reorganization of the State that will give us
resource control and regional autonomy. No one can lock down
any part of the South-South because of one individual that does not
mean much to the region. Our people know how to respond to
such economic disturbance. Of course, everyone knows that the
South-South has diverse warlords and activists all of whom know
the business of warfare.

I write as someone who brought himself out to see whether
serious work could be done to unite our tribes and people. As a
State Secretary to Ijaw Professionals and Young Entrepreneurs
Association (IPYEA), which is a wing of the IYC, I proclaim that our
people are already putting machinery in place for discussiob with
ERA, Ohanaeze, ADF, and other bodies in the East for
restructuring. We distance ourselves from any other call. What we
want is regional autonomy. Whoever doubts our collective resolve
should organize a referendum that will determine our preference.
In our region, we respect and honour our political and traditional
stakeholders. We work with them: we don’t insult them. Here, we
consult, discuss, and collaborate with one another. Mutual respect
is key here.

In my discussion with my President and other Members of executive, an agreement was reached that the Ijaw in Rivers State and Akwa Ibom will work with others in the East to restructure Nigeria for good. We shall support Atiku wholeheartedly when he commits himself to genuine and holistic restructuring. Those of you that wish to work with our people for optimum result are most welcome. Unity is the way.

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