long distance relationship is not all about your location alone

Long distance relationship does not have to do with the distance of
location alone. Even if you see your spouse everyday, once his/her mind is far from you, you are in a long distance relationship. If you enjoy the company of a member of the opposite sex more than your partner, you are already in a long distance relationship.

Once you find it difficult to communicate effectively with that person you call your love, you are in a long distance relationship, even if you sleep together everyday. Long distance is not the reason why relationships/marriages don’t work, communication is. When there is communication, there will be understanding.

I’m not in any way saying that physical communication is not important, all I’m saying is, communication is key. Afterall, it is impossible for a man and woman to be glued together, because there are times they may have to be genuinely apart. Thus, understanding and constant communication is key. Distance is a thing of the mind.

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