He saw you for the first time and smiled at you.
He picks you up for a date. It feels so nice to fill that way about
someone ,every little thing he does warms your heart, and you let
your guard down cos of him. He makes you fill like the most
important thing in the world, its a good filling rite. And you give
more than you take cos his happiness is what makes you
happiest. And you fill maybe you could be together forever…. But
time passes and all the first give ways to the second and third you
lost your count and you let all the things you once found beautiful
becomes a routine and slowly. And then you realise that
happiness is not found but its earned and you realise that the
person who can make you the happiest also can make you cry and
bring you pains. And then you hold the bow and let someone who
doesn’t deserve you pull back the arrow aimed to your chest… You
trusted him not to let go but he did anyways. Which then makes
you fill helpless,like your reaching for something but it just slips
through your finger. Then you realise that no matter how you both
wanted it. It would never have worked out in the end. When love
first end you wonder if you ever knew what love was at the first
place ,if what u had was even real. And just den you learned to
laugh,to cry,to hold on and to let go… When you love again maybe
you will love better and it might last longer.. Dedicated to every
one who once was loved but now heartbroken don’t let that pull
you down you deserve to be happy.


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