A work of fiction.
……We sat across the table from each other.
She chewed so loudly it could wake the dead.
Or maybe my ears amplified it… I don’t care.
She chewed and talked. With no idea what she was going on
about, I just wanted to be out of there.
“Yes sorry, ehen?”
“I asked if I can call her back now.”
“Call who?”
“Mama of course.”
My mother had called Nonye earlier and asked to speak to me but I
played the busy card.
I told Nonye to tell her I would call when I was less busy.
Nonye was my mother’s heart’s delight. She was a ‘wife material’
my mum had said countless times.
I don’t know what I feel.
But it doesn’t count anyway since no one asks me anymore.
She was from mama’s village. She said their ‘umunna’ had a
reputation of good character and birthed many male children.
Being the only male child, it was important for mama.
She rang mama and started to talk really loudly, she mixed up her
tenses and spoke grammatical blunders, I wish she could just
speak in Igbo.
She has no class, it showed in everything she does. Like today,
she is wearing purple leggings and lime green top.
And the contrast of that against her overly yellow skin? Don’t ask
me. Even her eyeshadow is not right.
Yetunde cannot stand someone like this.
I spoke to mama, she asked how the wedding preparations was
going. She said she had paid the caterers for the traditional
wedding and has deposited some money for the canopies and
chairs. She said she will be coming next week to check on her
Nonye was all smiles when she heard the news.
How can a university graduate behave so local? She went to one of
the states universities. Those states that even though the states
and capital is recited alphabetically, you would still forget to
mention them? Yeah one of those states.
Mama had made me swear to her while growing up, that I will
never marry a yoruba girl. Something about a yoruba guy she once
loved; he broke her heart and married a girl from his village.
How would I have known love will lead me that way?
Yetunde is the classiest girl I know.
She exudes elegance, class and sophistication. With an intriguing
personality that will keep every man on their toes.
“He will come around to loving you” my mama told me.
“He is only confused. But if you love and respect him regardless,
he’ll come around.”
It’s been 7 months into the relationship and less than a month to
our wedding. I am still hopeful.
“She is coming round today. She’ll be here through the weekend. I
need you to make a 2 course meal, get lots of fruits and tidy the
house.” Andy was not looking at me when he spoke.
He made for the door…..
“Oh, and fix the guest room too”
“Okay sir” I said and genuflected.
****Men love respect…..his mama said****
I spent a total of 4 hours in the steaming kitchen, I made jollof rice
and fried….
I wasn’t sure which she will prefer today.
I made salad, I knew she didn’t like baked beans so I didn’t add
any. I made freshly squeezed orange juice in case she didn’t like
the smoothie I made.
I set the table.
I changed the sheet in the master bedroom upstairs. I made sure
they were ironed first. “She liked them ironed.” he said.
Andy had been happy all day, waiting for her arrival… Andy….
I haven’t seen him this happy in a while. He danced and sang
along to the music on the stereo.
I was scrubbing the floor…..again. I had scrubbed earlier but andy
said he left footprint at the foyer.
It was an early evening for me, I was cuddled up in the guest room
while I watched ‘the notebook’.
The door bell rang….
The doorbell rang… I ran at the speed of light.
There she was, breathtakingly gorgeous. Her red silk dress
caressing her caramel skin, she had red lipstick, it made her teeth
look whiter.
She smiled at me.
“Hello stranger!”
Yetunde, my one and only true love.



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