Love me the way i am

Recently, I discovered the popular expression “I just want someone
who will love and accept me the way I am” is a big scam. I’m
afraid when I hear it from people.
I’m not talking about someone loving you with your past mistakes,
physical composition or something like that, I’m taking about you
desiring someone who will love you with your current weaknesses.
Yes, people want to be loved. Everyone deserves to be loved. We
are happy when we meet people that truly loves us but the fact is:
You need to understand that no one can CONTINUOUSLY love and
accept you the way you are. Even God who loves and accepts us
the way we are loves us too much that He does not leave us the
way we are.
In my own view, wanting someone to love and continuously accept
you and your weaknesses (the way you are) is an excuse not to
take responsibility for your life.
For instance, as a woman you can’t cook, you are not romantic.
You don’t know how to combine colours, your hair is always rough,
you are not ready to improve and yet you are looking for a man
that will love and accept you continuously that way.
Don’t you know you will continue to be a burden to a man who will
continuously love and accept you?
To me, it sounds like a language from people who don’t want to
take responsibility. They don’t want to embrace change or improve
on their weaknesses.
I think what we should look for is people who will bring out the
best in us.
Husband or wife who can bring out the best in you. Friends who
knows your weakness, love you but will not accept you to continue
to live like that.
People who will motivate you to be better everyday. People who
will encourage you to be better than who you were yesterday.
People who want the best for you.
I think we should all learn to work on our weaknesses and be
better. Work towards being a better friend, partner, wife, husband,
mother, father, daughter, son, etc and stop waiting for someone
who will continuously love and accept you the way you are.

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