Mrs Zuma drove into her compound after a late afternoon visit to
the doctor’s. Her husband’s car is parked inside, he is home too,
quite early at that.
He was playing game on the TV, she had told him how she hates it
and would prefer if he plays on his laptop instead but today, she
could care less.
In the bedroom, she removes her jewelries and her diamond
wedding ring and left them on the dresser, it had been in the
Zuma’s generation quite a while.
She rushed to the Kitchen to make dinner, coconut rice and lettuce
salad was for dinner. As she set the table, she kept replaying the
words Dr Maxwell had told her. How would she relay the message
to her husband? She had planned it for a while, but now she is
suddenly out of ideas. She’ll watch youtube and pick anyone, she
“How was work today, darling?” Mr Zuma broke the silence
“Great, I got a new kid in my class today. She is 8 but she looks
quite sad, like she’s got a dark cloud around her. I can’t lay my
hand on whatever it is but something’s not right” Mrs Zuma said
“Com’on babe, cut her some slack, today is her first day that’s
why. Is that why you have been quiet most of the evening?”
Mrs Zuma prided herself in her sixth sense as a teacher, once
when little Mirabell had sustained injuries falling off her bike, Mrs
Zuma knew immediately that she was abused physically. She was
right. And for the new kid- Maryam, she felt it so strongly.
Mr Zuma got home to some random little flowers in no particular
order, from the living room right to the bedroom.
Oh my goodness! Is it your birthday?” He asked his wife and
before she could answer, he did.

“No, it’s April, your birthday is not until July. Is it my birthday?”
“It’s not anyone’s birthday silly, sit” Mrs Zuma said laughing.
“We’ll play a game, like a treasure hunt. All around the house are
hints, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, you will walk around and
gather them to form our story. Got it?”
“Yeah but can I by any chance eat first? I am very hungry” Mr
Zuma said taking off his shoes with both legs and unknotting his
tie at the same time.
“You’ll eat as soon as you get the last piece of the puzzle” Mrs
Zuma commanded.

“So, I will show you the starting point, and for each flower you see,
there is a note and a number attached to it. You will follow the
numbers until you get to the final piece to reveal the gift to you”
On each note was a hint on where to get the next note. Note one
“I was a little girl in a big world, I felt lost and alone having just had
my heart broken by someone I thought shared my feelings. Then
you came along and brought light to my life, a splash of colour to
my painting, the harmony in my song. How did I ever get so

hint 2* colour in my painting.
The hint was to check the second note close to a painting hanging
on the wall. As he read on, she walked and stood behind him.
Occasionally he paused to ask why they were playing the game in
an attempt to stop the tears from flowing but she’d just say “you’ll
know when we get to the end.”
Finally he was back in the bedroom and the final note said to check
his pillow for the final piece. It was a gift wrapped with a colourful

“Can I open it?” he asked.
“Of course, it’s yours.”
As he unwrapped and unboxed it, he couldn’t stop the tears from
falling no matter how hard he tried.
“I am going to be a dad?” he asked hardly audible amidst tears.
Yes” she said, crying too.
They had been trying to conceive for 2years.
They kissed passionately and went on to ‘seal’ the deal. Mr Zuma
did not remember he was famished, at least not for the next 35
Baby names, they picked Nathan for a boy and Amanda if she is a
girl. Later on, a scan revealed they were expecting a little princess.

It’s been months since the new girl – Maryam came to Mrs Zuma’s
class and she still couldn’t get the girl to open up to her. She had
complained to Mr Zuma too many times who said she was
probably over thinking the whole thing. She still believes she isn’t.
Mrs Zuma Snr had called her son and requested for him to loan her
some money. She said she needed it for a quick business. She
was expecting some money the following week so she will refund
it. It was his mum and she will refund in a week, no point telling his
wife, even though it was the money they saved up for the baby’s

Mr Zuma was later gutted to find out his mum not only lied to him
about getting money the following week, but she used the money
to go shopping in Dubai with friends. He couldn’t tell his wife, she
will be so angry.

Mrs Zuma noticed Maryam performed really good at her test and
called her to speak to her privately about it. Moments later,
Maryam was standing in front of Mrs Samuel’s class.
“Mrs Zuma said I should call you, ma.” she said
“Ok, tell her I will be there shortly” Mrs Samuel replied
“Ok, but you have to come quick because she peed on herself”
OMG her water broke! Where is she?” Mrs Samuel stormed out of
the class running behind Maryam
Mrs Zuma ask to call her husband who was there in no time.
Arriving at the hospital reception, the nurses on duty told them Dr
Maxwell was out of the country to return in 2 days.
They had to go to another private hospital.
“She is not due for the next 3 weeks doctor” Mr Zuma tried to
He had had to pay consultation fee of fifteen thousand for the
doctor to come out and see his wife.
He sat and waited in the waiting area.
Mrs Zuma was no longer screaming, she was so quiet it scared
her husband.
Moments later the doctor emerges….
“The baby is breeched and we need to operate, the baby is in
distress. Apparently she had been in a labour a while” the doctor
“Carry on with the CS then. How much will it cost?”
“Two hundred thousand and we’ll only begin when you deposit
150.” the doctor then left to his office.
Mr Zuma went in to see his wife, she looked really weak and tired,
but he’s got only fifty thousand in his bank account, he had loaned
his mother all of it.
He reasoned with the doctor to no avail. He rushed out to go look
for where to get hundred thousand but no one had money to spare.
An hour thirty minutes later, he came back with eighty thousand
but the doctor told him he was sorry, he had come thirty minutes
Mrs Zuma gave in to her pains and both mother and baby are
He was quiet, he was numb. He sank into his chair, face in
The doctor killed my wife, my mother killed my wife, I killed my

“I am sorry for ya lost sah” a nurse said looking down at him on
his chair in the waiting area.
“But this is the end of my shift and I have to go home. Before your
wife died she said I shu teh you to teh Mrs Samuel that Anita is
molested by her step father and her mother knows.”
Who is Anita?
It is never too early to save for the rainy day.



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