Majority of Nigerian pastors do not practice what they preach-Deeper life overseer, Kumuyi

Most Nigeria pastors lack integrity they only read bible without
practicing it, Deeper Life Church general overseer Kumuyi said God
didn’t make mistake creating Nigeria, his statement shows he is
historical deficient. By the way if truly the so called man of God
has the interest of masses at heart, what stops him take the bull by
the horn by speaking up against state manage terrorist attacks
against minors that deserve to be protected by the government
unfortunately reverse becomes the case. If i were Kumuyi, while
meeting the murderous genocidist, Muhammadu Buhari, I will
question him why is it his goverent allows Christians to be murder
unjustly under his watch. Pathetic, members on their own can’t
neither reason nor forseen their spiritual leaders mortgage their
future politically. A religious bigot is the same as a blind man, it
partitions ones mind to critically rationalize certain questions some
issues to be reasonably attian secular are directed religiously
putting more confusions on already confused members. Been
religious does not make one closer to God rather practicing the
word of God and obeying his commandments. As God himself is
not interested in religion, Kumuyi could have read the bible very
well before meeting Nigeria president, that alone would have
directed him on what to say like other men of God did in the bible
before meeting kings. True men of God speak the mind of his
people through inspiration of God not that of man.

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