The Vault is a platform designed to assist friends and family financially in other to make their daily lives easy. It is not designed for a large number of people but for a small community who will steadily keep pledging and receiving cash from each other daily.
To participate in this platform you will first be shortlisted to *Pledge Cash* of any amount you wish to operate on in the vault and once your pledge is confirmed by the receiver in the Vault Confirmation Room you will then be shortlisted to *Receive Cash*
*How Long Does It Take To Receive Cash*
Once you pledge cash it takes *24 – 48 hours* for you to receive cash and each participant has a maximum of *12hours* to make payment else the participant will be removed from the Pledge List
*Operation Amounts and Returns*
Pledge #2,000 to Receive #4,000
Pledge #5,000 to Receive #10,000
Pledge #10,000 to Receive #20,000
Pledge #20,000 to Receive #40,000
After Receiving your cash you can recycle and pledge again.
*How To Pledge*
Simply drop your name, phone number and the amount in the Vault whatsapp group in this format:
*Name/ Phone number/ Amount*
*Rules and Regulations*
* You Receive 100% of whatever cash you pledged
* System will delete inactive and trouble users
* No chatting in the group except you are Pledging or Confirming payment
* Admins only can make changes on the group
* Admins only respond to complains from 8am – 9pm
* The system automatically adds you to Re-Pledge as soon as you confirmed that you have Recieved Cash
* Every Participants have *12 hours* to make their payment else they will be removed from the Pledge list and deleted from the group in other to accommodate only active members
* *No posting of any unrelated message or having any unrelated discussion in the group except your are pledging or confirming your payment*
* Participants are free to operate multiple accounts but accounts must have different names or have numbers attached to differentiate the names. Phone numbers can be the same and must be valid
* All Pledges are made in the Vault and Confirmations are done in the Vault Confirmation Room
Never you pledge when you don’t have your cash at hand to register. Only interested and ready participants should join the groups, all inactive group members will be deleted without notice.
Click on this link to Join *THE VAULT*
Click on this link to join the *VAULT CONFIRMATION*
Click on this link to join *VAULT’S SUPPORT*

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