Man claim Facebook banned him for making a post on Biafra and Nigeria


“I used to be banned from making posts on my Facebook wall by Facebook directors as a result of I help Biafra and expose corrupt Nigeria- Will Smith Livingstone.

Why Mark Elliot Zuckerberg deleted the valuable put up I made for my arrival and banned me from posting about Nigeria or Biafra since two weeks in the past is as a result of, he claimed that, “What he requested from me was confidential and I recalcitrantly made it public. According to Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook operatives, that is what introduced the sudden assaults and horrible witch hunt to me. Read and be the choose.

“I spoke with Mark Elliott Zuckerbeg, the Chief executive officer of Facebook. He told me that Nigeria must remain one “in any respect prices” that I’ll make more cash after I comply with work with the federal government. That all training ends in politics. He mentioned, When he visited the Aso Rock, He agreed to work with Nigeria, and Nigeria gave him $70, 000, 000 U.S. greenback, and that is why he’s blocking and deleting those that stand in opposition to the federal government of Nigeria.

“I advised him that earlier than he lectures me about Nigeria, the UK ought to ask Northern Ireland to reunite with Ireland, give the Scotts and Welsh their freedom, Apologize to India for raping and pillaging their centuries, Britain to admit their sin concerning the black Africans, then return again their stolen oils, Beg Africa for enslaving and destroying our continent, Apologize to the Chinese for the opium Wars! Scrap the British commonwealth and cease attempting to advertise WW3 With Russia.

He dropped the cellphone and switched off!” End of the content of the post that made Facebook ban my account.”

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  1. I don’t believe that

  2. Exactly who told u to do that very wrong

  3. It’s really serious .
    It has happened to me…

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