Man killed by Nigerian Military during Biafra sit at home directive

A 25 year old vibrant Biafran young star KELVIN NNAMDI IKEMEH
has been shot dead on this day, this morning of 30th May 2018 by
the Nigeria military. KELVIN NNAMDI IKEMEH and his neighbors
were sitting outside their premises in Urata by Port Harcourt Road
Aba, enjoying the sit at home order while the Nigeria army in their
hilux, drove towards them and began to shot sporadically. The
young men on seeing military attack, ran in different directions.
KELVIN NNAMDI IKEMEH ran into a nearby bush unknowing to him
that he was on target. The military chased him, while he was
screaming for help, he felt on the ground pleading on them to
spare his life. But those army were determined to kill on sight as
the shot him point blank. They continued to shoot, but this time
into the air to further scare the neighborhood. As people stood
calm in their different hiding places, they dragged his body on the
ground into their vehicle and drove off.


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