I wedded my sister since Bible backs it – 25-year-
old fashioned educator Chiadi Ezeibekwe, 25, as of late created a buzz in
Ekwulobia in Aguata nearby government territory of Anambra State when
he married his more youthful sister, matured 17. In Igbo arrive, such a
marriage is a forbidden and it was based on this that young people of
the group torched the Sabbath Church where Chiadi and
his sister were thought to have been joined as a couple.
Chiadi, the 6th of 10 kids (eight young men and two young ladies) by Mr.
Louis Ezeibekwe, is an arithmetic educator at Community
Optional School, Isuofia, likewise in Aguata neighborhood government territory.
At the time Sunday Vanguard went to their home at Agba,
Ekwulobia, Chiadi was occupied with checking examination contents and there
was nothing in the compound to demonstrate that any anomalous thing
occurred there. Chiadi Ezeibekwe His sister is an understudy of
Government Technical College, Awka, however she cleared out school
to empower her watch what Sabbath individuals call ‘Shimta’. Amid
the perception, which Chiadi said goes on for one year, she should
stay in the compound. It was amid the perception that the
marriage occurred. Before at that point, she had left school due to
the contention created by her marriage with her senior sibling.
Louis Ezeibekwe, their dad, 78, and who as of late covered his
mother who kicked the bucket at the time of more than 100, showed up not to be in
control of the conduct of his kids as he displayed signs that
everything was not well with his wellbeing. His oldest child, Emeka, who lives
in Port Harcourt and who isn’t an individual from the Sabbath Church,
said he has a place with the Winners Church. He likewise affirmed that
their dad was not well. Despite the fact that individuals from the family were
initially Catholics, they later changed to Seventh Day Adventist
Church and along these lines to their own image of Sabbath love,
with Paul, one of the offspring of Louis Ezeibekwe, as minister.
Supporting his explanation behind wedding his sister, Chiadi stated: “I am a
Sabbath and, in seeking through the sacred texts, I found that
one could wed his kin. Along these lines, we proceeded with the
course of action to wed my more youthful sister. “The wedding function
was seen inside our family compound, which additionally fills in as a
place of love for us. My prompt senior sibling, Paul
Ezeibekwe, the minister, was available amid the function. “What
happened is that when we chose to get hitched, we told our
guardians our expectation and my dad inquired as to whether we recognized what we
were going to do. I revealed to him that we looked through the
sacred writings and that God endorsed it. It was after this that our
guardians assented. “In any case, our different relations questioned the
thought when they learnt of the arrangement and when we overlooked them and
proceeded with the marriage, they and different villagers consumed the
Sabbath Church where we used to revere since they thought it
was in that place that we love, not realizing that we have since
deserted the place and love in our compound. The consuming of
the congregation does not mean anything to us. “God instructed me to wed
my sister and she likewise observed same vision. There are puts in the
Book of scriptures that help such marriage. Those in uncertainty should read
Tunes of Solomon Chapters 4 and 5 and first Corinthians Chapter
7. “Since we took this choice, I have not felt anything strange,
or on the other hand felt that I did anything incorrectly. In the school where I educate, numerous
individuals get some information about it and I intensely allude them to the Bible”.
Stressed by the improvement in the group, a few seniors went
to the conventional head administrator of Ekwulobia, Chief Gabriel
Ezeukwu, to hold up a grievance on the grounds that the conventional leader of the
region, Igwe Emmanuel Onyeneke, is out of the nation. After
interviews with different senior citizens in the group, Ezeukwu
requested that the marriage be broken up and a purging of the
group of the terrible sign masterminded. Sunday Vanguard accumulated
that the Parish Priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia
is taking care of the purging procedure, particularly when it was figured it out
that the family was initially Catholic. Inquired as to whether he would subject
himself to the purifying by the Catholic Church, Chiadi said in as
much as he might not want to infringe upon the tradition that must be adhered to, he would
leave everything to God to choose on the grounds that it was God that gave
him the vision to wed his sister. He said further: “With the exception of my
oldest sibling, Emeka, different individuals from the family bolstered the
marriage and our dad just altered their opinions following the
commotion produced by our activity. It isn’t the magnificence of my sister
that made me to wed her. The fascination is that when God needs
you to accomplish something, you ought to do it. “One reason for
wedding my sister is to stay away from separate from which is uncontrolled these
days in light of the fact that regardless of whether we separate, we will stay in the same
family. Furthermore, by wedding one’s kin, there won’t be the
probability of presenting monstrous circumstances, similar to maladies or social
indecencies into the family”. The customary leader of Ekwulobia,
Ezeukwu, a mass correspondence instructor at Madonna University,
Okija, said the general population of that town revealed the issue to him.
He stated: “Before coming to me, they were thinking about different
choices, including whether to include the police, depend on wilderness
equity or parade those included round the town before subjecting
them to different ceremonies. “In any case, I exhorted that the main thing was to
explore the issue completely. I for one went to their
compound and met their folks. I didn’t see the young fellow
included and when I was informed that he was instructing at Community
Auxiliary School, Isuofia, I went there, yet did not discover him.
“I saw a consumed structure that resembled a congregation adjacent to their
house and I encouraged the individuals who assembled at the scene to vanish in
their own particular intrigue. “Since what they conferred was a social
offense, I welcomed the family to my home. I realized that what they
did was terrible and I guaranteed that the issue did not heighten by
facilitate unwholesome activity. “In any case, when I welcomed the family, their
mother and kids hurried to Abakaliki, Ebonyi State where their
mother hailed from. I sent an assignment to the zone and their
individuals affirmed that it is additionally not in their way of life for somebody to
wed his organic sister. “In the wake of getting the data, I
summoned a gathering of the Igwe’s Cabinet and individuals from the
family and we thought on the issue for a few days until the
kids conceded that they conferred monstrosity. I made it known to
them that they will filter the land and that is the reason we went to the
Ward Priest of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, which is the family’s
unique church. “Be that as it may, I guaranteed that the young lady being referred to was
subjected to thorough pregnancy test to determine that she had not
been impregnated by her sibling and, after a few tests, it was
affirmed that she was not pregnant, which is an alleviation to
everyone.” Ezeukwu said they met with the Parish Priest four
days back on the purging procedure, communicating delight that the
influenced family was at that point indicating regret. As indicated by him,
Walk 17, 2018 has been settled for the cleaning function. He
said the shocking thing was that even the Sabbath Church, which
the young fellow asserted backings such marriage, had since denied
what’s more, abandoned them, exhorting that the improvement in Ezeibejwe’s
family should fill in as a lesson to everyone. The good thing is
that the oldest child of the family, Emeka, 33, has promised that
nothing would influence his kin to get hitched, including that he had
never heard a wonder such as this in Igbo arrive. “I can’t be alive and see
them live as a couple in this compound,” he noted.


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