Man prays court to recover N340,000 dowry from father-in-law

A 32-year-old suitor Ahmad Sani, on Thursday prayed a Sharia Court docket in Magajin Gari in Kaduna State, to assist him get better the N340,000 he allegedly paid as dowry to his would-be in-law.

Sani informed the court docket that the could be father-in-law, Alhassan Malam, ought to return his cash as a result of his daughter has refused to marry him.

The complainant mentioned he had sought Sumayya Malam’s hand in marriage from her father, who gave his consent and demanded N20,000 as dowry, excluding different conventional bills.
Sani mentioned he was shocked when Malam cancelled the marriage attributable to “my alleged incapacity to offer a good shelter for his daughter.”

“After paying the dowry and different conventional bills which amounted to N340,000, I took her daughter to the home I rented, however I later learnt that she didn’t like the home,” he mentioned.

Sani prayed the court docket to assist him get better all the cash he spent for the failed marriage because the defendant had refused him to marry his daughter.

Counsel to the defendant, Mr Alhassan Aliyu, argued that the court docket lacked jurisdiction to listen to a case involving the restoration of cash over N100,000 as stipulated by Part 22 of the Sharia legislation, Kaduna state.
Aliyu prayed the court docket to switch the case to an higher Sharia court docket or dismiss the case.

The Choose, Malam- Dahiru Lawal, transferred the case to an Higher Sharia court docket for lack of jurisdiction

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  1. Good update

  2. But why that sudden decision

  3. Nice one

  4. Unfair

  5. I wonder,is marriage about love or is there something at stake?

  6. It is good for husband and wife to love each other dearly

  7. Help him collect am na

  8. This is not good

  9. This is bad

  10. Good

  11. To much

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