Man Steals Chicken And Turkey From Restaurant On New Year’s Eve ( Photo )


A man spent his New Year in police cell after he was apprehended for stealing in Delta. It was gathered that the suspect connived with two staff working at a fast food restaurant in Sapele area of the state – to steal chicken, turkey and chicken wings.

According to reports, the suspect stole almost two cartons of chicken, 12 turkeys and about 10 chicken wings before he was nabbed.

It was scooped that the suspect who reportedly works in the baking section of the fast food joint, stole the items in the morning on Monday, December 31, and allegedly hid the loots in Palm kernel.

He was arrested when he came back to the fast food joint to collect the stolen items later in the evening after the director told him to show him what he was carrying.

The suspect was immediately arrested and taken into custody by the police.

In your own view, what do you think could lead this man to this stupid act?


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